6 ways a digital guest book will improve the guest experience

Digital and technological developments in the hospitality sector have set the bar high for all hotels, globally. Basic hotel facilities and services such as room, restaurant, bar, pool, room service etc. are not considered luxury anymore and are not enough to provide a memorable experience for guests. Additionally, services like Airbnb Trips let local people offer their knowledge and provide travelers the experience of “living like a local”. The emergence of similar services stresses, even more, the necessity of hotels to provide an even more unique experience for each guest.

The question is how can you, as a hotel manager, deliver your knowledge to your guests in an interactive and simple manner that will delight and contribute to an out-of-the-ordinary experience?

Well, the traditional information welcome books and paper flyers have their old-school charm, but we have all seen it – the uninspiring guest welcome book that sits on the coffee table, gathering dust. Often ignored by guests.

So, in a constantly developing industry, led by technology and digital solutions, aren’t you missing out on the opportunity to digitally empower with your guests with your incredibly interesting knowledge of the hippest places and ideas for an exciting vacation?

The Digital Guest Welcome Book – 6 ways a digital welcome book creates a better experience for your guests

You would probably agree with most of the following information, but you probably don’t see this as an immediate priority. You might consider it something good to have or extra. In fact, it should be a priority, as a digital guest book is an ultimate tool to improve your customers’ satisfaction and keep up with the trends that are transforming the hotel industry.

So, you have booked the guest and have a million other tasks focus on. However, the guest journey doesn’t end with a booking, quite on the contrary – it just begins!

Here are the main 6 reasons to consider giving your outdated welcome book a digital transformation that will contribute to an exceptional guest experience and increased satisfaction.

1. Help your guests get around

You know how to get around. You know all the shortcuts and the difficulties guests might experience when visiting a town for the first time. Where is your hotel in relation to the biggest attractions, the beach or the ski lift? Or you know the best taxi service in town or the closest ATM?

Yes, your guests might know how to get around after few days, yet you know what kind of questions they might have on day one.

So, gather your years of local experience and write this important information down to help your guests get around without problems.

2. Everything guests need at one place

This might sound a bit of a no-brainer, but make sure to make your hotel shines with a content and visual representation of your facilities that your guests will highly appreciate.

Get the most out of your facilities by writing engaging content and visuals – your themed bar or gourmet restaurant experience, morning buffet, serving only ecological food from local farms, a rooftop terrace where your guests can enjoy their morning coffee and admire the great views…

Think about what makes you special, get those unique selling propositions tailored to your individual guest’s interests and make your hotel the most exciting place to be!

3. Stay “like a local”

It’s not about being a professional tour guide. It’s simply about providing a few ideas from your knowledge as a local.

Your guests have most likely researched the major attractions, so think outside of the box.

Imagine that your friends and family are visiting. You’ll most certainly recommend them the best places and the hidden jams in town. Be informed about the newest events and activities – maybe there is a concert of a local artist, a small restaurant 10 minutes away from the hotel that offers the best tapas, or a cooking class where guests can learn to cook local food.

The possibilities are endless!

4. Simplify your guests’ stay

You might be fully booked and have a lot of tasks to manage than to answer a lot of the similar questions guests have. Yes, this might not be very exciting, but I am sure that you get a lot of calls and e-mails from guests that are not familiar with some of the amenities and services at the hotel.

How to control the air-conditioning? What is offered for breakfast and when is it served? What about the wi-fi password? When are the rooms cleaned or where are the extra blankets?

These are only a few examples of the questions that might occupy your time. So, try to make a list of the most asked questions and put the answers in writing. Providing this practical information beforehand will allow your guests to relax more during their stay and you to enjoy fewer calls at the reception.

5. Bring your guests discounts

Team up with local business owners and provide your guests with discounts on local activities and attractions. Imagine your guest’s delight when you can provide a 10% discount on a local attraction or free appetizers at a fantastic local restaurant?

Great discounts + local information, it doesn’t get any better than this!

6. Personalize, personalize, personalize

Guest’s expectations are constantly evolving. They have embraced their uniqueness and therefore demand a 100% personalized hotel experience, tailored to their individual needs and interests. Hotel guests might fall into the general groups for example by their purpose of travel, but they are unique in their own way and therefore look for different experiences. Making the effort to tailor your content and ideas to the individual is a strategy that will give your guests an adventure they will never forget.

You know some exciting activities for families, the most romantic restaurant for couples, the best coffee shop for business meetings, or a new hip restaurant to take your business travelers’ clients out for dinner? Well, this is the perfect opportunity to share those magical spots.

Guests crave personalized information for a truly authentic experience they won’t receive from a paper guest book.

Unique and personalized experiences generate the positive buzz and those mesmerizing Instagram posts that make your hotel, even more, loved, unique and appreciated!


DigitalGuest’s information guestbook and communication platform provide all the necessary tools for an exceptional hotel guest experience and assists hotels in increasing guest satisfaction and loyalty.