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Guldsmeden hotels is a boutique hotel chain that would take your breath away! The chain’s focus on providing top-level service, innovation, and digitalization have been an underlining reason for their success. Driven by a passion for sustainability and digitalization of their hotel services, let the chain to choose the DigitalGuest platform.

A winner of the Danish Travel Awards for the Best Hotel Chain in Denmark for 2017, Guldsmeden Hotels provide exciting and unique experiences to their guests.

The chain’s Green Globe-certification is one of the most exacting certifications available to the hospitality industry. It indicates the chains’ commitment to ensuring sustainability in every aspect of the daily operations. Moreover, a Ø-label from the Danish Ministry of Food & Agriculture provides guests with 98,6% organic ingredients and a food experience that is not easily forgettable.

The first hotel that started to use DigitalGuest was Manon Les Suites.  It proved to be a big success with an impressive 83% opening rate and setting the start of a thriving partnership. Today, 8 of the 11 Guldsmeden Hotels have chosen the platform as a mean to delight and engage with their guests.

Here is what Guldsmeden Hotels PR & Communication Manager, Kirsten Aggersborg, says about the chains’ experience in working with DigitalGuest:

“At Guldsmeden Hotels, we chose to serve our guests with DigitalGuest, as a substitute for various print solutions, which is in line with our ambitious principles of comprehensive sustainability. Since we launched the DigitalGuest platform, we have truly seen the benefits that the platform gives us. The ability to customize the platform according to our design and brand identity, the ability to send spontaneous messages and greetings. Above all – to draw attention to our services in an engaging and easy-to-understand way.

DigitalGuest is a win-win for us on many parameters: more sales, more satisfied and well-informed guests, less pressure on the receptions in terms of questions and finally – economic and environmental savings.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge the team behind DigitalGuest as skilled, prompt, responsive and incredibly service minded. It is pleasure to work with them!”

At DigitalGuest we focus on improving the hotel-guest communication by minimizing the use of paper for guest information books, flyers, information messages, etc.. and ensures a more sustainable hotel operations process. DigitalGuest provides a pleasant and easy-to-navigate platform that is customizable to your hotel’s design and brand. Furthermore, the platform provides an easy and real-time, two-way communication between hotels and guests.

Our mission is to provide a simple and effective way to communicate digitally. Sending personalized messages, informing guests about upcoming events, hotel facilities and keeping guests longer at the hotel is now easily achievable. Additionally, DigitalGuest helps to transform the hotel into a place of exciting experiences and unforgettable memories.

Check out the DigitalGuest’s own sustainability certificate here.

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