DigitalGuest in 5 countries

Exciting news coming your way…..

DigitalGuest is now making hotels & hotel guests happy in 5 countries! Our journey has been incredible, and we have all our fantastic new thinkers – our precious clients to thank.

We are a well over two years old company and strive to change the hotel industry by eliminating paper usage and taking guest communication to another level. We are incredibly honored to already be working with many of our homies in Denmark. So here comes the great news – in recent months, we have also welcomed hotels from Sweden, Norway, Germany, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands.

Our partnership with the giants of Property Management Systems like Picasso, Spectra, Opera, HotSoft, StaynTouch, FrontDesk, and Octopus, allows us to address our clients’ needs and provide a complete communication solution for hotels of all sizes. We take great pride in working with so many innovative hotels in Denmark and internationally like Guldsmeden Hotels, Comwell, First Hotels and others that dream to make a better, digital and more sustainable hotel industry.

It’s about accessibility

Over the past year, several hotels have started to actively use the platform to communicate to guests during their stay and thus making the most relevant things easily accessible to their guests. With collaborations like, among others, Zaplox, CustomCash, Airluggage, and Dinnerbooking, the platform suddenly becomes a robust digital service tool, where accessibility is the keyword and fantasy sets the boundaries.

It all started with the in-room information folder

Much effort and talented people transformed the platform from just a digital replacement of the paper in-room information folder to be a valuable communication and sales platform for hotels. Moreover, our clients take a significant role in the development of the platform:

“It is crucial for us that we build the platform in close cooperation with the hotels. They ask all the relevant questions and wish for functions that we have not seen ourselves. Moreover, their everyday work and guest relation is the most valuable source of new ideas and future features on the platform” says our CEO, Christian Markedal.

Check out more about DigitalGuest and get a glimpse of our demo. Feel free to contact us and we can get you started right away!

DigitalGuest in 5 countries
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