RAW IT & DigitalGuest – an exciting collaboration that will bring digitalization in the hotel industry to reach new heights.


DigitalGuest and Raw IT enter into a collaboration that will strengthen both companies and bring even more excitement to the hotel industry in Scandinavia.


RAW IT is one of the key players in the market when it comes to innovative IT solutions for the hotel industry. They specialize in offering everything from IT-management to WiFi and TV / Info screen solutions, online security and much more. Smart tools for smart hotels – tools that not only provide stability and innovation but prosperity and inspiration for hotels.

“For RAW IT, DigitalGuest is an obvious and exciting new collaboration, which gives us another digital product to offer our customers. DigitalGuest is in rapid development, which we at RAW IT see great opportunities in, and I, therefore, look forward to the cooperation and what the future brings” says Jesper Brouer, Partner at RAW IT.


DigitalGuest is the company that took the Scandinavian market by storm with an online platform that replaces the old school in-room information folder. The fully customizable platform is the ultimate tool to communicate in real time, share new offers & discounts. Moreover, through DigitalGuest, hotels can learn more about hotel guest preferences and create more personal connections. Indeed, digital service can be personal – service that simplifies hotel’s operations and excites hotel guests!

With several mutual clients and already operating in 5 different countries, DigitalGuest and RAW IT share the ultimate mission to make the hotel industry more digital.

“I look forward to an exciting collaboration with RAW IT, which is one of the largest IT specialists in the hotel industry, and I am therefore sure that we can strengthen and support each other in the vision of digitizing the hotel industry even more”, says Christian Markedal, CEO at DigitalGuest.

Check out more about DigitalGuest and get a glimpse of our demo. Feel free to contact us and we can get you started right away!

DigitalGuest in 5 countries
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