Ready to go digital?

You can use the DigitalGuest mobile guestbook for anything and everything. The only limit is your own imagination.

Upselling and communication

Through DigitalGuest you are able to communicate directly to one, specific or all guests with a single click. That way you can provide a great in-stay service and sell more to your guests. Simlple and easy. DigitalGuest is a great way of getting more in-stay business on restaurant, spa, room service, hotel facilities and much more.

Reduce paper waste and go green

Integrate RSS feeds, news channels, or other relevant sources of information into your Digital Concierge Communication Platform. Remove the need for print-based material in hotel rooms or in the lobby. Highlight local information, points of interests and maps, city guides, weather forecasts or theater listings. With DigitalGuest Concierge Communication Platform you can quickly add or update new content and publish it to all guests instantly.

Pre and post stay notifications

DigitalGuest can automatically send SMS or/and e-mail with your personalized welcome message and a link to the guestbook to a guest prior to their arrival. You can take advantage of this feature and include up-sell opportunities e.g. offer room upgrades, restaurant, wifi or taxi/parking offers. You can also setup personalized communations 1 to 5 days after the stay to get ex. more reviews on TripAdvisor or more direct bookings.

PMS integration

DigitalGuest mobile Concierge Communication Platform integrates seamlessly with major Hotel Property Management Systems (PMS). When your guests are checked in by your front desk, they automatically receive an SMS with a link to the DigitalGuest Concierge Communication Platform. There is no redirection to an App store or download – access is instant. Your content control and management functions are of course also web-based and requires no software installation.

Discover the neighborhood

Capture the attention of your guests. Provide a more informed and enjoyable stay. With DigitalGuest’s mobile Guestbook, you can build branded, personalized and engaging content. E.g. important contact details, images, location/address, sightseeing and theater listings. You should also list your most attractive amenities, services, and offerings.

Restaurant & table reservation

Food & Beverage is your bread and butter! Integrate your digital room service, bar, restaurant menu or table booking service into DigitalGuest’s mobile guestbook and let your chef know how much food to prepare.

Service availability

Provide your guests with a digital guestbook and thus the opportunity to request a wide variety of services such as extra pillows, shoe shine, dry cleaning/laundry, taxi etc. Enable them to provide feedback to hotel staff during their stay and give your staff a chance to rectify problems immediately and improve post-stay feedback ratings.

Social media & reviews

Our Concierge Communication Platform can be integrated with Facebook, Instagram, and Tripadvisor. Or any other web-based platform for feedback, ratings or live guest communication you choose. Allow your guests to evaluate or describe their experience and suggestions for improvements.