DigitalGuest presents the Less Paper Certificate

Less Paper Certificate PR

DigitalGuest’s goal is to minimize the use and waste of paper in the hotel industry.

This is why we created the “Less paper certificate”. It represents hotels that are committed to contributing to a more sustainable hotel industry by minimizing their paper use such as paper guest books, flyers, menus, etc. by digitizing print materials.


  • Resources & sustainability

    Save resources while saving the planet from one of the biggest environmental polluters of air, water, and land – paper! By using DigitalGuest your hotel makes a positive impact on the environment and improves the paper waste management in the daily operations.

  • Attract environmentally conscious guests

    The Less Paper Certificate creates a unique opportunity for your hotel to create value to your already existing guest and ecologically-minded guests.

  • Brand differentiation

    Differentiate your hotel from the competition by presenting your sustainability efforts in a simple and unique way representing your design and brand.

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