Meet the DigitalGuest team

Common to the whole team is that we are filled with passion for what we do! So feel free to shoot us a message no matter what it is about!

Christian Markedal

Co-founder & CEO

Jonathan DigitalGuest

Jonathan Jacobsen

COO & partner

Kondrat DigitalGuest

Konrad Gryt

CTO & partner

Michael DigitalGuest

Michael Dissing

Country Manager
Denmark and UK
& Partner

Mathias Sabel DigitalGuest

Mathias Sabel

Country Manager
Sweden and Norway
& Partner

Johan S Friberg

Johan S Friberg

Sales Manager

Jannina DigitalGuest

Jannina Lagerström

Country Manager

Jeroen Carbo

Jeroen Carbo

Country Manager
The Netherlands

Marianne DigitalGuest

Marianne Vennevold

Customer Relations Manager

Aleksandra Glegola

Lead Product Owner

Tobias DigitalGuest

Tobias Seindal

UX Engineer

Jonas DigitalGuest

Jonas Tamosevicius

Fullstack & QA

Glenn Vestergaard

UX / UI Designer

Dorcia DigitalGuest

Dorcia Fiona

Backend Developer

Mathias DigitalGuest

Mathias Guul

Software Engineer

Adam Gregersen

SENIOR FULL-stack developer

Jakub Gilis

Jakub Gilis

SENIOR FULL-stack developer

Adrijen DigitalGuest

Adrijen Ribić

Frontend Developer

Soren DigitalGuest

Søren Nystrøm

new markets

Kitija DigitalGuest

Kitija Jumike


Maria Lind Nielsen

Marketing & some

Malou Kjær Klausen

Customer relations

Noa digitalguest

Noa Hammer

Law student



Boss of Hygge

Mikko Roos

Mikko Roos

Sales Representative

Julie Poulsen

Digital Concept Development

Julie Poulsen

Digital Concept Development

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