Corporate Social Responsibility

In 2015, the UN adopted 17 goals for sustainable development towards 2030. In our opinion, Digital Guest is in a unique position to contribute significantly to the global goals, which stand close to our core business and expertise.

Carbon neutral servers

To accommodate goal 7 our servers are hosted at Google with 100 % renewable energy.

We use an on-demand service, which provides efficient energy use. This means when you sleep, our servers sleep.

No-Paper Office

To accommodate goal 15 all contracts at DigitalGuest are handled and signed digitally, and we follow a “print-only-what-you-need”-policy.

Part of DigitalGuest's vision is to reduce paper waste. Read more about why that is important right here.

People and responsibility

To accommodate goal 10 we are creating a team of people with different cultures and ethnicities. A team across cultures gives us a better understanding of an international market.

We are regularly participating in programs that help unemployed finding a job.

Sustainable procurement

To accommodate goal 12 we aim at buying products and services that are as sustainable as possible, with the lowest environmental impact and most positive social results.

At the office, we serve Fair Trade coffee and tea, and aim to buy materials marked with the Nordic Swan.

We are reducing paper waste and rebuilding rainforest

We are collaborating with Forest of the World who is fighting for a nature more rich on animals and plants. 
So by using the DigitalGuest platform you are not only reducing paper waste, you also contribute to rebuilding rainforest.