Hotel tablets

We’ve of course made the DigitalGuest platform ready for you to show on the hotel  
in-room tablet – with a complete guide to set it up.

Your hotel
in-room tablets

DigitalGuest is easily installed on all types of hotel tablets, which gives you full control over your content and will let your guest order room service, find information, chat with reception etc. directly from the tablet. With a few clicks in DigitalGuest and your content is updated on all devices.

Benefits of using DigitalGuest on tablets

We all know that it can be a struggle having to manage several software systems to keep all devices and platforms updated. Then imagine if you could update everything in one place and then all content is up to date and available for your guest on both the guests own smartphone, pc or laptop – and not only that! If you implement DigitalGuest on your TV solution or tablets they will also be updated in all rooms – no matter the amount of tablets and TV’s. See that’s easy!

This solution is perfect for:

Digital replacement of old and dusty in-room guest directory

Digital restaurant menu cards

Digital chat function with the hotel reception

Digital information about Wifi, opening hours, hotel facilities etc.

Ordering room service directly from the tablet or TV in the room

No prints, less touch points and just great service!

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