The features of the platform

DigitalGuest is a communication platform, which provides all the info your guests need – in a single click.

Amongst other things, our customers state that DigitalGuest enhances their green profile, strengthens the guest experience and eases the working processes of their employees. All this comes down to the platform’s four core features: information, upselling, communication and data.  


The initial idea behind DigitalGuest was to make a digital substitute for the traditional room folder found in every hotel room. Therefore, DigitalGuest allows you to gather all the information your guests need – before, during and after their stay. This way, your guests always have access to the information you find most crucial to their stay at your venue. Examples of useful guest information could be the opening hours of your reception, your WiFi code, the menu of your restaurant, guides for the local area etc. You can also urge your customers to write you a review by informing about your social media channels, TripAdvisor or similar. 

Contrary to the traditional room folder, DigitalGuest is quick and easy to update and maintain, which ensures that your customers always have updated and useful information right at hand. 


DigitalGuest also makes it possible to sell more to your guests during their stay. You can make it possible for your guests to book a table in your restaurant, an appointment in your spa or even their next stay – this way, you also get a way around the OTAs. It’s also possible to create discount vouchers for your guests and to allow them to make additional purchases directly through your platform – examples of additional purchases could be your traditional roomservices. 


DigitalGuest is also the platform, which allows you to communicate directly with your guests by means of text messages or email. A multi-message could be useful if you’re out of power. Furthermore, it can also be of great advantage to be able to communicate with your guests in groups or individually, if, for instance, a party of guests has misplaced their belongings in your restaurant or similar.

With DigitalGuest, you’re always only one message from connecting with your guests – no matter where they are and what they are doing. 


DigitalGuest also allows you to get to know your guests even better, as your guests’ behaviour on your platform is tracked. You can gain insights on the number of guests who are using your platform, most popular content, along with statistics on your total earnings in connection to your upselling features. This way, you get a better understanding of your guests’ behaviour and interests, which you can make use of in both your ongoing work with your platform, as well as in relation to your remaining marketing activities.