Why use DigitalGuest?

Our digital guest book was built side by side with hoteliers with a long tradition of hospitality and decades of experience.

There is a new generation of hotel guests in town

…and they are very adept at all available online and mobile tools and uses them to find solutions to meet their needs.

This type of hotel guest don’t need tons of handholding and they know their way around, everywhere they go. They need a digital guestbook

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Human interaction

So if the hospitality, the actual human to human interaction, part of your services becomes less and less important.
How do you provide value and keep attracting customers?
How do you understand the needs of your customers and fulfill them?

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Achieve balance

DigitalGuest enables you to balance the inevitable expectation of personalization while simultaneously enhancing the guests need to remain independent.

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Your knowledge + digital personalization

At DigitalGuest we believe that you and your staff’s knowledge of the local area, attractions and services, combined with digital personalization, is an opportunity for you to add an invaluable extra level of service and become an information “HUB” for your guests.