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Communicate, upsell and offer services at the fingertips of your guests
pre-stay, in-stay and post-stay.

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Increase your annual revenue by up to €50,000
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Save as much as 5.4 tons of paper every year
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Easily customize to your
brand and design

Communicate, upsell and offer services at the fingertips of your guests pre-stay, in-stay and post-stay.

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No app – no download for your guests

No app- no download for your guests

Why customers love DigitalGuest

Fernandon Santos Maya Bacalar

“Amazingly user-friendly for setup & for the final consumer – Integrates with PMS’s to automatically get guests information – One (If not the best) apps that I found for…”

Fernandon Santos
Director at MBH Maya Bacalar Hotel

MBH Maya Bacalar logo
Alexanda Mann Ekerum resport

Our guests really appreciate getting information before arrival and when they check-in, via DigitalGuest. We, who work at Ekerum Resort Öland, think that it is easy to gather…

Alexandra Mann
Business Manager – Ekerum Resort Öland 

ekerum resort

The Digital guestbook allows us to share information with our guests in an easy, quick, and efficient way. It improves not only the experience itself but also the way…”

Christian Bendixen
Booking & Front Office Manager

We integrate into your PMS system

DigitalGuest is integrated into several different PMS, ticket, and booking systems, to ease the workload, automate processes and save time!

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We strive to contribute to the sustainable development of the hospitality industry 

At DigitalGuest, we are passionate about protecting the environment and conserving natural resources, so we wish to make the hospitality industry more sustainable by switching from paper and print to a digital platform.

It’s better for people, the planet, and the business itself. Seems like an easy choice!

Green Key platform

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