This is how the platform works

DigitalGuest is quick to set up, easy to maintain and has great usability – both for you and your guests. 

Your guests' journey with DigitalGuest

With DigitalGuest you have the ability to provide your guests access to your platform both before and during their stay. Likewise, it is also possible to make different content visible to your guests depending on whether they have checked in or have yet to arrive. You can also generate personal greeting messages for your guests, which are automatically sent out before/on arrival and after check out – one of the many ways in which your guests’ experience of their stay can be enhanced with DigitalGuest. 

DigitalGuest is set up quickly, easy to maintain and user-friendly - both to you and you guests

How your guests gain access to your platform

You may by wondering how your guests gain access to your platform and how potential personal greetings are sent to your guests. Luckily, this is both fairly simple and up to you.

DigitalGuest is not an app but a web solution. This means that your guests aren’t bothered to make any kind of download in order to access your platform. Most of our customers decide to run their communication flow automatically by allowing DigialGuest to integrate with their PMS system. This means that DigitalGuest automatically fetches your guests’ information from your PMS system and then sends them a welcoming SMS/email containing a link, which grants them access to your platform.    


If you don’t like having greeting messages sent to your guests automatically, it’s also possible to allow your guests access to your platform in other ways. You can for instance check your guests in to your platform manually upon arrival, you can display QR-codes in their rooms or you can display your platform on your WiFi-landing page – this way, your guests make a more active decision about gaining access to your platform. 

Direct access from QR code

You can easily create a QR code and place around the hotel. That means that your guests can access everything your digital guestbook just by placing their smartphone in front of the QR code. Place it in the elevator, on key-cards, water bottles, in conference rooms, reception etc.

Easy and simple!

Try for yourself...

How to build your platform

Once you have decided how you want your guests to access your platform, you’re ready to start filling it with great content. DigitalGuest has been build to fit the needs of the hospitality industry, which means that the platform doesn’t hold a lot of insignificant features, which you need to get acquainted with first. The system is super user-friendly and intuitive to make use of. 

DigitalGuest is built as a box-system. A box can only entail one type of content. You decide on the type of content, fill out the written elements, decide on its visual design and choose when for it to be visible to your guests – that’s it! However, it’s also worth noting that you’re always the messenger behind your platform, where you can customise the visual look to match your unique brand identity, whether it’s content, e-mails, reminders and more.

If you’re curious, you can find much more information on the four core features of the platform right here.

How to maintain your platform

At DigitalGuest we strongly advise you to treat the work with your platform as an on-going process and not just a one time thing. Namely because it is our experience that this is how you gain the most value from your platform.   

The initial idea behind DigitalGuest was to provide a digital substitute for the traditional room folder, because we know how many resources it takes to keep its information updated and relevant to your guests. Thus, with DigitalGuest the moderations you make to the content of your platform are live and available to your guests within very few seconds.

The quick response time coupled with its insight feature makes DigitalGuest an innovative new marketing tool for you and your colleagues. The insight feature provides you with valuable new knowledge about your guests, interests and behaviour, which you can make use of in both your continuous use of your platform as well as in relation to your remaining marketing activities. It might be that you discover how your guests are particularly interested in your bike rental,  how certain product categories are bigger bestsellers than others or that vouchers of a specific nature are more popular than others. Thus, by continuously updating the content of your platform, you make sure that it has the best possible circumstances to generate upselling and remain relevant to both new and regular guests.