How it works

How it works

One thing is to create the content, but the big question is how to communicate all that great information and possibilities to your guests in an easy way? Well, there is several ways of doing that.

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Integration to your system

DigitalGuest is integrated to several different PMS, ticket, booking systems etc. which makes it possible to automate SMS and email messages for your guests. 

You choose the content and when to send it, and DigitalGuest is taking care of communicating it to the guest at the right time.

Manual check-in

Maybe you don’t have a system, but still want to give your guests a great digital experience. You can do that! 

We’ve made it possible to check your guests in and out directly in the DigitalGuest platform. Simple and easy.

With this solution you can be up and running in minutes and it needs no integration.

DigitalGuest manual check-in

Access through QR codes

A QR code in the hotel room, in the Wellness area, in the shared kitchen, at the rooftop or in the reception? 

You can place QR codes anywhere you want, and your guests can simply scan the code with their smartphone camera and get access to all your great content. No app or download needed!

DigitalGuest open API

To make it possible to integrate almost everything and even use DigitalGuest in other industries we’ve made an open API. 

It means that you can simply build up against our API and easily integrate what ever system you can imagine. Smart huh?

how it works illustration open API
data protection

Your guests - your data

We respect your guests as much as you do. That’s also why we’re taking good care of yours and their data.

In fact, we only use the data within the functions of DigitalGuest and when the last communication is sent, we delete all the data again.

That means, you don’t have to worry about GDPR.

Do you want to integrate your PMS system?

Do you want us to integrate into your system?