Room Upgrades

Upgrade your guests to superior rooms or suites effortlessly. By utilizing the room upgrades feature, you can save your staff time and increase upselling revenue even before guests arrive.

Boost Your Revenue with Automated Room Upgrades

Generate even more revenue by using our Room Upgrades feature. This allows you to automatically offer room upgrades to every single guest. By definition, a hotel room upgrade is a change from a basic or standard room to a room or suite with better amenities or qualities. And DigitalGuest is on a mission to offer exactly that! 

Take out the manual work of upselling room upgrades and focus more on how it’s communicated. Make upgrade boxes so enticing with quality images and creative descriptions, that the guests can’t refuse the offer. 

With the DigitalGuest platform, you can set up room upgrades easily. Simply define room types, add a price, enticing images, and a creative description. When you are set up, just add them to your pre-stay email or an SMS. This way, your guests can view offers and book room upgrades in their own time.

Just remember, these upgrades won’t sell themselves. You need to make them convincing. For example: 

  • Spell out the value this upgrade provides
  • Make a creative description to put guests on a journey to get them excited
  • Mention all the advantages, for example, the key details room includes
  • Don’t forget about the images. Make them enticing and put at least 4 to 5 for a better overview. Well-made images will do the job!

Add Room Upgrades to your pre-stay emails or SMSs and provide your guests with the opportunity to get the stay they dreamed of.

With this feature we let you save your staff’s valuable time and offer room upgrade deals automatically through the DigitalGuest platform. It will let you easily increase your upselling revenue even before guest arrival. 

If you want to learn more about maximizing your guest spending, then Book a Demo and we will be happy to tell you more! 

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