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Try out the DigitalGuest experience yourself and get inspired by diving into our demo platforms. These are fictional properties to show what a DigitalGuest platform can look like. The aim is to walk you through all the great possibilities and features the platform could include – before, during, and after a stay. Don’t forget – everything you see can be tailored to fit your brand!

That hotel feeling

We’ve created a demo platform with the feel of an Urban hotel to showcase our platform in action. Get design inspiration and discover all the content opportunities you have, such as:

  • Pre-stay upgrades
  • Parking instructions in the city
  • Reception contact information
  • Wi-fi code
  • Your hotel’s menu cards
  • Recommendations by the staff
  • Events in the city
  • Stayover cleaning preferences

Just to name a few!

Go camping

In this platform, you will see a great example how DigitalGuest could look like at a camping place and what kind of content it could include. At camping places the accommodations often are placed in larger areas, that’s why it’s even more important to have all the information in the palm of your guest’s hands easily. Here are some ideas of what you can share in the platform:

  • Inspiration to explore nature in the area
  • A map of the Camping area / Route to their reserved place
  • Code to access the shower facilities
  • A voucher for a discount on the minigolf
  • Common kitchen rules
  • Order Pick up Breakfast

It’s up to you to decide!

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Hostel vibes

Bring that Hostel vibe to life with inspiration from our fictionary hostel platform. Usually, the activity level at hostels is sky high – why not keep your guests 100% informed about all the great things your hostel offers, for instance:

  • Hostel happy hour
  • Guides for exploring the city
  • Renting a locker or a bike
  • Registration for hostel activities
  • Buy everyday essentials
  • A Voucher for a free beer
  • Spotify playlist

And any other cool stuff..

Vacation houses

If you are renting out holiday cottages, cabins, luxury villas, or something similar, then check out this demo platform. You’ll find enhancing content to bring local attractions closer to your guests and you’ll get inspiration to share how-to-guides in a sustainable way. No more prints. Here are some other great examples:

  • Door code to the vacation house
  • Guides to read the electricity, using fireplace or pool
  • Discounts to amusement parks, museums and etc.
  • To do tips for families with kids
  • Rent of sport equipment
  • Local attractions
  • Important numbers
  • Checklist before leaving

Imagination is the only limit!

Need help bringing your ideas to life?

Conference style

Hotels and Conferences often go hand in hand, but the need for information is very different. Usually, conference guests are only staying for a day or two, and instead of showing a bunch of unnecessary information – in this platform, you can find inspiration to create 100% relevant content for your conference guests, such as:

  • Link to public transportation
  • Quick contact with the conference host
  • How to connect/cast guide
  • Order extra coffee or other treats
  • Menu of the day
  • Staying overnight? Link to the hotel’s platform
  • A voucher to Happy Hour after the meeting
  • Book your next meeting

And anything else valuable for the business bees!

Luxury atmosphere

Is your hotel more of an upscale property? Then you want to get that luxury feeling and this platform is the one to dive into. With DigitalGuest you can make your guest’s stay even more luxurious by sharing all the services your hotel offers in a beautiful-looking platform. Let’s give you some examples:

  • Contact Concierge
  • Bookings of SPA time and treatments
  • Valet parking service
  • Theatre tickets
  • Order room service
  • In-room breakfast
  • Jacuzzi instructions

.. or any other sparkling information!

Demo platforms

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