We strive to contribute to the sustainable development of the hospitality industry.
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Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the UN adopted 17 goals for sustainable development towards 2030. In our opinion, DigitalGuest is in a unique position to contribute significantly to the global goals, which stand close to our core business and expertise.

UN sustainable goal 7

Carbon neutral servers

UN sustainable goal 10

People and responsibility

UN sustainable goal 12

Sustainable procurement

UN sustainable goal 15

No-Paper Office

We are reducing paper waste and rebuilding the rainforest

As part of our CSR strategy, we are collaborating with Forest of the World who is fighting for a nature more rich on animals and plants. 
So by using the DigitalGuest platform you are not only reducing paper waste, you also contribute to rebuilding rainforest.

forests of the world logo

Green Key

We have entered into an awesome collaboration with Green Key that gives access to digital information about the Green Key and the site’s environmental efforts. When a guest checks into a Green Key-certified hotel, the hotel’s many green initiatives will be displayed digitally.

By presenting Green Key through our platform, we’re lowering the tourism industry’s environmental footprint even more by eliminating print. Caring about the environment while also meeting guests need and expectation for digital accessibility – it’s a win win for all.

Check out the platform here

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green key digital platform

We are truly proud to be in a collaboration with the Green Key!

Paperless solution examples

As a concrete example, the Skærbæk center in Denmark has replaced the in-room guestbooks with a digital platform and now saves 5.4 tons of paper annually. Imagine how much paper and rainforest we could save if every hotel went digital! 

pre-arrival upsell

Skaerbaek paperless case story
skagen strand paperless case story

Another example is from Skagen Strand Holiday Center. They transformed a breakfast ordering form from print to a digital solution and it saves tons of paper, eases the workload, and also increased the number of breakfast orders. 

pre-arrival upsell

“In 2019 we decided to get rid of the room folders that all our holiday home guests got upon arrival and replace them with a digital room folder from DigitalGuest.
5,4 tons of paper saved a year!”

– Skærbækcentret

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