Meet the Team

Common to the whole team is that we are filled with passion for what we do!
So feel free to shoot us a message!

Christian Markedal


Jens Rysgaard

CFO & Co-owner

Jonathan Jacobsen

COO & & Co-owner

Konrad Gryt

CTO & Partner

Mathias Sabel

CSO & Partner

Jeroen Carbo

Country Manager Netherlands

Inés Rodríguez

Country Manager Spain

Joel Pakalén

Country Manager Finland

Lasse Nymand

Country Manager Denmark

Marianne Vennevold

Operations Manager

Jannina Lagerström

Head of Customer Success

Stine Hørning

Customer Success

Aleksandra Glegola

Lead Product Owner

Tobias Seindal

VP of Product

Adam Gregersen

VP of Engineering

Jonas Tamosevicius

Fullstack & QA Developer

Glenn Vestergaard

UX / UI Designer

Dorcia Fiona

Integrations Manager

Adam Balazs

Backend Developer

Mathias Guul

Software Engineer

Adrijen Ribić

Frontend Developer

Kristian Hangst

Fullstack Developer

Justas Kavarskas

Fullstack Developer

Kitija Jumike

Marketing & Website

Caroline Bundgaard

Digital Content Manager
Maria Lind Nielsen digitalguest

Maria Lind Nielsen

Marketing & SoMe

Daniel Bodnar

Video Content Creator

Mozes Miko

UX / UI Designer


Boss of Hygge


Head of Fika

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