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Introduction to the DigitalGuest platform

DigitalGuest enables you to share valuable information with your guests and increase your revenue from existing customers through our digital platform. Our system will take your hospitality to the next level through personalized upselling, unique guest insights, digital room service and online communication with your guests.

Room Upgrades feature

Upgrade your guests to superior rooms or suites effortlessly. By utilizing the room upgrades feature, you can save your staff time and increase upselling revenue even before guests arrive.

Guest feedback

Manage all your guest feedback from one platform. With our guest feedback feature, you can complete the guest journey in the best way possible. 

Upselling feature

Present enticing and relevant offers to your guest at every step of the guest journey, so you can maximize revenue and make sure your guests get everything they dream of.

Digital Guest Registration Form

Improve the guest experience by letting your guest fill in the guest registration form online before their arrival. No pen, no paper needed.
digital guest registration form

Room service feature

Your guests will love how easily accessible delicious snacks and beverages are and you get an awesome opportunity to maximize your guest spending and increase your revenue!
Your guests will love how easily accessible delicious

Guest Communication feature

Impress your guests with an easily customized and automated communication flow that covers the entire guest journey. We offer smart automation so you can focus on what truly matters – your guests!  

QR code feature

So how do we get all of these guests to access the platform? The answer is by simply scanning QR codes, that are placed anywhere you need them.

Segmentation feature

Segmenting your guests based on the rate codes from your PMS, enables you to send upselling deals and personalized offers that suit their needs and budget.

Statistics feature

Are you ready to get to know your guests better? In your live DigitalGuest dashboard you can follow along with your entire platform trends and statistics.


We work together with the leading property management systems out there to provide the best guest experience for your hotel! Automate processes, ease the workload and save time.

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