How to use and where to place QR codes in your hotel


What is a QR code? 

It’s a barcode that has a weblink behind it, this means you can either scan the QR code with your smartphone or you can use it as a hyperlink. You can for example place the link in a booking confirmation email. Or use the hyperlink on your website to lead the guests to the guestbook. In general, a QR code is a tool you can use to give your guests easy access to your DigitalGuest platform and other places. The guests just simply open their smartphone’s camera and point it to the QR code. Let’s dive a bit deeper into how to succeed with using QR codes.

A popular technology for hotels to replace print is QR codes. This is why we use QR codes to help hotels reach their guests.

How to use a QR code?

Besides reaching your guests with an SMS or email, QR codes are a great solution for guests without contact info.
You can use the QR code to lead your guests to a destination of your choice, here are the options:

The guestbook – All they need to know in one place
Guestbook box – If a specific box needs some extra attention
A page – Maybe a menu card or guide to the spa?

how to use qr codes digitalguest

Ready to replace print with a QR code?


Design your own QR code

A QR code doesn’t have to be boring anymore. You can actually customize your QR codes so it fits your brand identity 100%.

Colors – No more boring black and white QR codes
Text – Be creative and make your guests interested
Frame – Make the QR code even more visible
Code Design – Create a softer look with a round code design
Logo – A finalized personal touch on the QR code

qr code design

Make these design decisions and this will for sure make the QR code stand out wherever you place them at your hotel. Let’s give you an example. If you have your restaurant menu on a page on your platform, your text could be ‘Feeling hungry?’. Or if you want to spoil your guests with a voucher for 2 for 1 drink, the text could be ‘Up for a drink or two?’

Where to place a QR code?

With the right design and content behind the QR code, you are now ready to place them. The options are many, so let’s give you some examples

The reception – Leading to the guestbook with all general information about their stay.
The room – Easy digital access to the box with room service or a guide on how to use the electronics.
The hotel lobby – Leading to the activity calendar or a guide to the city.
The restaurant – Leading to a page with your menu card. This makes it super easy if you need to change a small thing in the menu

Place the QR code in the reception and reach guests as soon as possible

Place QR codes in the room so they have a surplus to take in information

If you want to learn more about QR codes, how to make them stand out, and where to place them, then Book a Demo and we will be happy to tell you more! 🚀

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