How can DigitalGuest help you to bring more direct bookings?


Let me tell you something important – if you want your property to be a roaring success, then increasing those direct bookings is absolutely crucial. Not only do direct bookings mean more cash in your pockets and bigger profits, but they also help to create a loyal customer base and reduce your dependence on those third-party booking platforms. And guess what? That’s where DigitalGuest comes in – a powerful platform that can help you bring in even more direct bookings for your hotel or any other property. So why wait? Give your property the boost it needs and start using DigitalGuest. 

What is a direct booking?

Direct booking is simply the process of making a reservation directly with a hotel or any accommodation without having to use a pesky third-party booking platform or online travel agency(OTA). You can do this through a variety of channels, such as by phone, email, the hotel’s website, in person, or through a DigitalGuest platform. It’s quite a popular method of booking nowadays, as savvy consumers are catching on to the many benefits of booking directly with hotels. Don’t you just love it when you can cut out the middleman and go straight to the source?

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What are the benefits of direct bookings?

  • First off, you can save money on commissions! Yes, that’s right. Direct bookings allow properties to avoid commission fees charged by third-party booking sites such as or Expedia. This can result in a higher profit margin for you.

  • Another amazing benefit is the personalized service guests can receive. When guests book you directly, you have the opportunity to communicate with them and make special requests or accommodations based on their preferences or needs. This can make your guest’s stay even more enjoyable and personalized.

  • Direct bookings offer you a treasure trove of guest data, including their contact information and booking preferences. With this valuable information, you can create personalized offers and enhance the overall guest experience.

So how can DigitalGuest help you increase direct bookings? 

By using a digital platform, such as DigitalGuest you can connect with your guests, reach out to them and use an opportunity to offer discounts for the next booking inviting them to book right away. This results in more direct bookings and ultimately results in more money in your pocket. It’s easy too – simply add this option to your post-stay email or create a box on the platform to invite them to book again. Trust me, your guests will thank you for the discount and you’ll thank yourself for the increased profits. 

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So if you’re looking to increase direct bookings and maximize your profits, then Book your Demo with us today! 

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