7 Travel Trends in 2024: What’s in Store for Tomorrow’s Adventures?


Get ready for a journey into the travel trends of 2024, drawing inspiration from reports and insights by industry leaders such as Booking, Amadeus, and Skyscanner. Let’s explore the exciting revelations that will shape our adventures in the coming year.

1. Gig Tripping: Music Tourism Takes Center Stage

As we say goodbye to 2023, it’s clear that travel is getting in tune with our favorite musicians. Skyscanner’s discovery of “gig tripping” fits perfectly with the increasing interest in going to live shows in different places. The idea of getting affordable tickets and taking a simple flight for a music adventure is appealing. The excitement of following in the footsteps of famous artists like Taylor Swift or Beyoncé adds a new dimension to travel goals.

Recently, the UK rock band Coldplay announced they’ll be touring next year, attracting fans from all over the world. Amadeus’ research shows that Coldplay’s tour dates in Romania and Greece for 2024 made a big impact on people searching for and booking trips in both countries. This connection between music and travel shows how artists can inspire not only our playlists but also our travel plans.


2. Sustainability: More Than Just a Buzzword

In 2024, being eco-friendly isn’t just a trendy word—it’s a big deal in travel. According to Booking.com more than half of travelers (53%) are looking for places that are comfy and also care about the environment. People want to truly connect with locals in less-known areas and explore unique spots. This shows that the love for genuine and eco-friendly experiences is on the rise. So, in 2024, expect sustainability to be a major part of how we travel.

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3. Agents of Influence: Living the Main Character Energy

In 2024, it’s not just about being a tourist; it’s about becoming part of your favorite show. Skyscanner predicts a surge in travelers wanting to embody the “main character energy” of their beloved on-screen personas. Emily in Paris enthusiasts, in particular, are eager to step into the shoes of the fictional character. After the release of season 3 in late 2022, there was a 32% spike in searches from the US to Paris in January—a clear sign that people are ready to blur the lines between fiction and reality.

4. TikTok: The New Travel Inspiration Hub

Move over Google; TikTok is taking the lead as Gen Z’s go-to source for travel inspiration. With its quick and current content delivery, almost 40% of Gen Z relies on TikTok and Instagram for travel-related searches. For businesses looking to tap into this trend, mastering the art of short vertical videos or collaborating with influencers becomes crucial. It’s a new era, and travel plans are now crafted in the snappy world of TikTok.


5. Business Luxe-Lite: Unbundling Business Class Fares

Luxury in the skies is no longer just for the elite. In 2024, the travel industry is making business class perks more accessible with “unbundled” business class fares. This means you can enjoy the comfort of business class without the hefty price tag, making upgraded travel experiences within reach for more people.

Imagine having more space, gourmet meals, and enhanced amenities without breaking the bank. This trend responds to the growing demand from travelers who want a taste of luxury without blowing their budget. It’s a shift that makes premium travel more inclusive and comfortable for everyone.

6. Hyper-Personalized Experiences: Tailoring Adventures to Individual Tastes

As per McKinsey’s research, 71% of consumers anticipate personalized interactions from companies, and when this expectation isn’t met, 76% express frustration. Tailoring experiences based on individual interests, behaviors, and past interactions is the new norm. Whether it’s sports events for football fans, ski breaks for winter enthusiasts, or treks and safaris for adventure seekers, personalization is key.

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7. Intelligent Concierge: A Tech-Savvy Hospitality Experience

The future of hospitality in 2024 is nothing short of tech-savvy and eco-friendly. Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) transforms travel planning, offering hyper-personalized assistance. Picture a virtual concierge anticipating your needs, streamlining travel plans with empathy for seamless experiences. Upon arrival, this GAI-powered concierge doesn’t just suggest local hotspots; it tailors recommendations based on your preferences. 

As an illustration, Expedia’s latest ChatGPT plug-in functions as a digital travel companion, attentively understanding customer preferences and providing immediate suggestions for hotels and itineraries, complete with convenient links for swift booking.

virtual concierge travel trends 2024

Wrapping it up

As we step into 2024, the travel landscape is poised for transformation. From embracing sustainability and embodying the main character energy of favorite shows to seeking travel inspiration on TikTok and enjoying hyper-personalized experiences, the year ahead promises an exciting journey for wanderlust enthusiasts. So, buckle up and get ready to explore a world where travel is not just a destination. It’s an immersive and personalized experience tailored to unique tastes and preferences. 

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