Digital Guest
Registration Form

Improve the guest experience by letting your guest fill in the guest registration form online
before their arrival. No pen, no paper needed.

Fill in the digital registration form before your guest’s arrival

Is it legally required to collect information about your guests in the country you’re located in? 

In a lot of countries, it is required by law to collect information about overnight guests as well as a signature confirming their stay. Guest registration is nothing more than recording the guest’s information for official purposes. Traditionally all of this information is collected on printed paper cards, called Guest Registration Card, that need to be filled out by hand. The standard issue of any front desk is slow check-ins with long queues and endless boxes of filled registration cards. So inconvenient! But at DigitalGuest we’ve come up with a new solution for this process!

Through the DigitalGuest platform, you can set up the hotel guest registration form you need based on your local regulations and add extra information you would like about your guests. Then just simply add the digital registration form to your pre-stay email – letting guests fill out their registration form online before their arrival. If you prefer, you could also distribute the form through QR codes around your property. 

With a digital guest registration form, the check-in process will be much quicker and smoother, so your guests can focus on enjoying their stay!    

So for your property that means no more paper forms laying around – all guest forms will be sent to you by email, so you have them digitally in one place! Hotels can now eliminate all the issues and have efficient check-ins at a reduced cost as no pens and paper are needed. And it’s contactless!  

If you want to learn more about how to improve your guest journey, then Book a demo and see what we can do together!  🚀

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