No matter what size the property is or how many rooms you have,
there are always opportunities to upsell your guests.

Pre-arrival stage is the right time
to upsell your guests

Are you curious to find out how upselling can help you increase your revenue and improve guest satisfaction? The answer is quite simple. You need to reach your guests in the right place at the right time with personalized offers and the sales will start rolling in.

No matter what size the property is or how many rooms you have, there are always opportunities to upsell your guests. For the hotel industry, upselling is a process of selling more expensive items and generating extra revenue by offering upgrades, extras, or add-ons. Some popular services and products that can help to increase guest satisfaction and generate additional revenue include room upgrades, packages, food and beverage, room service, leisure activities, and vouchers.

Start your guest stay even before they check in with a personalized pre-stay upselling email. In this email you can present enticing offers to your guests, for example, adding breakfast to their purchase or upgrading to a bigger room.  

You simply set up your products on the DigitalGuest platform with descriptions, pictures, and prices. Then add them to the email of your choice which automatically gets sent to your guests. The upselling offers are extremely valuable in a pre-stay email a couple of days before check-in, but can also be added to your in-stay or post-stay emails. You can easily upsell your guests in all stages of their guest journey. Each upsell email can display up to six offers, but more offers can be expanded in a link. When combined with our rate code segmentation feature, you can choose which guests receive which offers. It’s beneficial for both the hotel and your guests. 

Increase revenue and guest experience through upselling via personalized guest journey engagement.

These automated pre-arrival upselling campaigns familiarize your guests with on-property amenities and local activities while offering more opportunities to drive additional revenue. Make your offers personalized and targeted to the right guest with our powerful guest experience platform. 

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