Guest communication

With our communication feature, you can set up enticing emails and SMSs
leading guests to your digital guestbook.

Personalize and automate your guest communication

Communication is key, so of course, DigitalGuest includes a completely customized and automated communication flow that covers the entire guest journey from pre-stay to post-stay. 

With our communication feature, you can set up enticing emails and SMSs to lead your guests to your digital guestbook. With just one click your guests have access to all the information they need right on their smartphones – from general information and room service to nearby activities and vouchers. 

The guest communication flow is completely customizable and includes several ways to reach and communicate with your guests. Most importantly you can set up an automated guest communication flow that saves you important time. As the platform is fully integrated into several different PMS and booking systems, you simply set up the emails and SMSs and choose when you want your guests to receive them – we’ll take care of the rest!

You could, for example, enhance your guest experience by sending a pre-stay email. In this email, you can link to the digital guestbook and also present enticing upgrade offers which will help you increase hotel revenue. At check-in, you might send an SMS to digitally welcome guests and again link to your DigitalGuest platform. Lastly, you could set up a post-stay email encouraging guests to book another stay with you or leave a review. All of these will automatically reach your guests at the time you choose.

Our system will take your hospitality to the next level through online communication with your guests, personalized upselling, digital room service, and unique guest insights.  

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