ICEHOTEL, the gem of Sweden, becomes a DigitalGuest customer


We are so proud to collaborate with the world’s first hotel made of ice – ICEHOTEL. It’s a magical place in the northern part of Sweden, above the Arctic Circle.

ICEHOTEL is by far the most well-known Swedish hotel internationally and is famous for its unique concept and fairy-tale atmosphere. The hotel has 70 warm rooms that are open 365 days a year. Additionally, they have 50 rooms constructed entirely in ice every winter. You can stay in rooms made of ice blocks, with platform beds, thermal sleeping bags, and reindeer hides. Ever wondered how would that be?

The ICEHOTEL chose to collaborate with DigitalGuest to enhance the guest experience and guest communication by being able to offer guests to book activities and add-ons far in advance. With our services, they will be able to offer these add-ons up to 45 days before the guests arrive at the hotel.

Since they have such a diversity of rooms, they will also use our segmentation feature. This way they will be able to both communicate and showcase content on the web app based on what the guests have booked and/or in which part of the hotel, either warm or cold, the guests are staying. We are excited to see how much value this feature will bring to their guests. And as we are fully integrated with Visbook, ICEHOTEL will have all our features available. This will help to provide amazing digital guest experiences to all their guests.

We are happy to welcome ICEHOTEL into our DigitalGuest family! 

About DigitalGuest

DigitalGuest is a personalized guest experience platform. It helps the hospitality industry communicate, upsell and offer services to their guest from pre-stay to post-say in one web app. Our hotel guest communication platform is a simple and powerful tool that is easy to use and requires no download for the guests.

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