Target your communication based on unit categories and rate codes to
create amazing guest experiences.

Send upselling deals and offers
that suit each guest’s needs

Implement hotel guest segmentation on content, communication, information, and offers to create a personalized guest experience and boost your revenue. With the segmentation feature, you can tap into different groups of customers with information and offers that specifically suit their needs and budget. 

Every guest is different and has different needs, so they expect a personalized and seamless experience both physically and digitally. To create the best possible digital guest experience, guest segmentation is essential. This way you can deliver relevant offers and information. With DigitalGuest you can differentiate information, guest communication, and upselling offers. The guest segmentation can be based on either rate codes from your PMS or on the unit the guest is staying in. DigitalGuest integrates and connects with your PMS or booking system, so you can easily set up different guest segments.

With rate code segmentation you can send upselling deals and offers that suit each guest’s needs and budget. With rate codes you can for example differentiate between business guests and families on vacation. Or between bookings that include breakfast and bookings that don’t. When you’ve created the segments, you can create guest communication and information that suits each segment’s needs. In a pre-stay email, you might offer a deal on parking for both business and leisure guests. For the family on vacation, you could add an extra upselling offer with tickets for nearby attractions and activities. Differentiate between bookings with or without breakfast, so you can send a breakfast upselling offer only to the guests that haven’t already bought breakfast. The guests that have already booked and paid for breakfast, don’t want to receive this offer as it would be irrelevant.

Delivering relevant offers to guests is the perfect way to increase revenue and create a personalized guest experience. 

Our unit category segmentation lets you cater your guestbook information based on the type of room the guest is staying in. This is useful if certain units have special access, amenities, or anything else that only guests in a certain room need to know about. For example, if you have information about a business lounge, that is only relevant to guests on the 11th and 12th floors. Then you can create a unit segment including only those rooms and create content that is only visible to guests staying there. This way the information about the business lounge will only be displayed to the guests who have access to it.  

Setting up guest segments is simple and easy on the DigitalGuest platform! Though it will of course take a bit of time to set up segments, deals, and content, it’ll be worth it once you see the results. Both regarding guest experience and revenue. Ready to check out more about how you can increase your revenue? Check out our upselling feature!

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