3 simple ways to improve the guest experience after the guest has departed


You might wonder, how can I deliver a better guest experience after guests have departed? Well, you most likely want to bring them back, right? See, there are hundreds of different options for guests to choose from, but the main question is how will they remember specifically your hotel.

Let’s take a look at 3 ways how you can stay connected with your guests after they have departed.

1. Provide an easy check-out process 

The same as check-in, a check-out process should be easy and hassle-free for the guest. You can make use of advanced hotel software that generates a departure list and pending bills, so when the guest is checking-out, it would take them just a few seconds. 

2. Follow up with your guests for feedback 

Implementing new ideas to improve guest experience is one thing, but listening to guests’ feedback is another. And it is crucial for your hotel to know in which areas improvement is needed. So after check-out, ask your guests to leave a review by sending a post-stay email with a link to TripAdvisor or any other review platform, and make them see that their opinion is very important. Listen to what guests have to say and make improvements!

Post-stay NPS

3. Maintain post-stay communication 

After your guests have left, stay in touch with them by sending a ‘Thank you for your stay’ email. This strengthens the relationship and at the same time offers an opportunity to offer discounts for their next booking. Also, you can easily remind about yourself by sending newsletters and offers after a while. But just remember, to not send them too frequently. 

Poststay message

Follow these tips and for sure this will help to improve your hotel guest experience. DigitalGuest is a tool that helps with such ways and strategies as we are all about improving guest experiences. Book a Demo and explore what we can do together! 🚀

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