Make sure that your guests will remember you after departure. It’s not only great service, it will also increase your positive online reviews and get you more direct bookings through your own website.

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Post-stay communication

We know it’s important to get good feedback from your guests, but how to reach all of them? In DigitalGuest you can create beautiful-looking emails and send them to your guests post-stay.

You choose the content and when to send it – and DigitalGuest will take care of the rest.

post stay communication
direct bookings platform

Direct Bookings

If you reach out to your guests before they have potential bad feedback, there is a big chance of changing the review to a good one instead. And that’s exactly what DigitalGuest can help you with. Just create a box and lead your guests to the right place to leave a review.

Reach out to your guest and use an opportunity to offer discounts for the next booking inviting them to book right away. At the end of the day, having an increased number of bookings made directly through the platform results in increased profits for you. Just add this option to your post-stay email or create a box in the platform inviting them book again.

Guest feedback

Customize post-stay surveys and let your guests give you feedback on several different areas,  so you can give an even better service next time.

DigitalGuest dashboard will also provide you with deep and valuable guest insights, NPS score and a lot more.

guest feedback

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