Pretty Boy Wingery: The Tastiest Addition to the DigitalGuest Family!


At DigitalGuest, we are thrilled to announce our newest client and our first restaurant using DigitalGuest.
Pretty Boy Wingery is a Finnish restaurant chain, consisting of 5 restaurants that spoil their guests with delicious Finnish chicken.

With their delicious menu, commitment to sustainability, and innovative use of technology, Pretty Boy is set to revolutionize their dining experience. And we are very excited to partner with them on their journey towards enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction. Read on to discover how Pretty Boy and DigitalGuest work together in the restaurant industry!

Pretty Boy Wingery

Pretty Boy is a restaurant chain that takes pride in serving lip-smacking Finnish chicken dishes. They spread their wings for the first time in May 2021 when the “Wheeler” parked on a Töölöntori market square in Helsinki. And since then have opened up 5 beautiful restaurants around Finland. Their enticing menu options and focus on sustainable practices have quickly gained a loyal customer base. 

Pretty Boy uses QR codes

Pretty Boy has taken customer engagement to the next level by placing QR codes strategically throughout their restaurants. Customers can simply scan these codes to access a virtual world filled with tempting menu options, enticing meal pictures, and information about sustainable initiatives. Besides, they also spoil their guests with exclusive vouchers and benefits to ensure that the customer dining experience is not only satisfying to taste buds but also friendly to their wallet.

pretty boy wingery qr code

Personalized Surveys for Enhanced Feedback

The restaurant values customer satisfaction, and to ensure they provide an exceptional dining experience, they have integrated a customized survey. Each receipt features a QR code leading to a tailored survey, allowing customers to share their feedback on the juiciness of the chicken and the quality of service. This valuable input helps Pretty Boy improve their offerings and make their customers’ voices heard.

pretty boy wingery qr code on receipt

The Power of DigitalGuest and Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy Wingery chose DigitalGuest as their digital solution provider for several reasons, including:

  • Seamless integration of QR codes to enhance customer engagement.
  • Having a user-friendly interface that ensures easy navigation and access to all the relevant information.
  • The use of customized surveys to gather valuable feedback and improve customer experience.

DigitalGuest is happy to have Pretty Boy as our first restaurant chain client, highlighting our commitment to delivering exceptional digital experiences. Our partnership with Pretty Boy will pave the way for a more interactive and seamless dining experience for their customers. Let’s raise a wing and toast to the beginning of an extraordinary partnership!

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