How a Digital Guest Experience Platform Transforms Hotel Stays


Imagine stepping into a hotel where everything is at your fingertips, customized just for you—all thanks to the magic of modern technology. Hotels today are embracing digital guest experience platforms, and it’s transforming the way we think about hospitality. These platforms integrate all aspects of your stay, making everything from pre-stay to post-stay seamless and personalized. Let’s dive into how DigitalGuest does just that, enhancing every moment of your visit.

What is a Guest Experience?

The guest experience is your entire adventure at a hotel, starting even before you book your stay. It covers every interaction, from online browsing to the face-to-face service you receive. The goal? To leave you with a great impression of the hotel’s amenities and services. But more than just ticking the boxes of good service, an exceptional guest experience aims to create memorable moments that build loyalty and make you want to return.

What is a Digital Guest Experience Platform?

A Digital Guest Experience Platform is a high-tech solution that puts all hotel services in one easy-to-navigate digital space. Guests can use their smartphones to access everything from room service to checkout, making their stay smooth and convenient.

Traditional vs. Digital: Transforming Guest Experiences in Hospitality


The hospitality industry has always been committed to delivering top-notch guest service, but the ways in which this service is delivered have undergone a dramatic transformation with the advent of digital technology. Let’s dive deeper into how the time-honoured traditional methods stack up against today’s cutting-edge digital solutions:

Traditional Guest Service Methods:

  • Personal Interaction: Traditionally, the heart of guest services was face-to-face interactions. Whether it was during check-in, check-out, utilizing concierge services, or making room requests, each interaction involved direct personal contact with hotel staff.
  • Manual Operations: Tasks such as room booking, check-in, and managing guest requests were typically handled manually, which involved paper forms and face-to-face communication. This approach could be both time-consuming and vulnerable to errors.
  • Standardized Services: Historically, hotel services and offerings were largely standardized, offering limited flexibility to accommodate individual guest preferences unless specifically requested.

Digital Guest Experience Platforms:

  • Automation: Modern digital platforms streamline various processes, including guest communication, room upgrades, and service requests, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the likelihood of errors.
  • Personalization at Scale: Through the ability to collect and analyze guest data, digital solutions provide dynamic personalization of experiences. This means preferences for room types or special amenities and services can be automatically adjusted to meet guest needs.
  • Enhanced Communication: These platforms facilitate seamless communication via smartphones, enabling guests to submit requests, receive updates, and engage with hotel services without needing direct contact with staff.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Digital tools harness guest data to deliver valuable insights, helping to refine service delivery, anticipate guest needs, and boost overall guest satisfaction over time.

Benefits of Digital Over Traditional Methods:

  • Efficiency: Digital tools revolutionize operations, from bookings to guest services, speeding up the entire process and enhancing efficiency for both guests and hotel staff.
  • Safety: In an era where health concerns are significant, reducing physical contact and minimizing the use of physical materials like paper helps ensure a safer environment for guests.
  • Availability: Digital platforms offer round-the-clock services without the continuous presence of hotel personnel, meeting guest needs at any time, day or night.

Incorporating digital guest experience platforms does not mean the elimination of personal service but rather enhances it, allowing hotel staff to focus more on hospitality and less on routine tasks. By integrating digital solutions, hotels can not only meet but exceed the modern traveller’s expectations for a seamless, personalized, and memorable stay.

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Enhancing Guest Interactions with DigitalGuest

A digital guest experience platform is a powerful tool that empowers hotels to provide exceptional guest experiences through innovative technology solutions. DigitalGuest is one such platform that offers a comprehensive range of features and functionalities to enhance the hotel guest experience at every stage, from pre-stay to post-stay.

Before Arrival

The journey starts well before the guests arrive. With the DigitalGuest platform, hotels can send tailored welcome messages, check-in details, special offers, and handy information about the destination. This early interaction sets a welcoming tone, builds excitement, and enhances guest satisfaction from the outset.

During the Stay

While on the property, guests can conveniently use the platform to access various services such as spa appointments, dining reservations, or bike rentals. The platform also enables hotels to maintain contact through emails and SMS, offering upsells or essential information without direct staff interaction. This functionality not only boosts guest comfort but also meets contemporary expectations for safety and convenience.

After Departure

Continuing the relationship after guests have left is vital for loyalty. DigitalGuest supports this by enabling hotels to send personalized post-stay emails to gather feedback and offer incentives for future visits. This ongoing communication makes guests feel appreciated and increases the chances of them booking another stay.

Case Study: DigitalGuest in Action

Skagen Strand Feriecenter

Transitioning from traditional print to a digital solution, Skagen Strand Feriecenter has redefined their breakfast ordering process, significantly reducing paper use and streamlining operations. Previously, each holiday cottage was equipped with a printed form and a pen, requiring guests to manually complete their breakfast orders and deliver them to reception. Now, with the integration of DigitalGuest, guests simply scan a QR code, input their breakfast choices digitally, and submit their orders with just a few clicks. This shift not only conserves resources and simplifies the process but has also led to an increase in breakfast orders. The result? A win for the environment, enhanced guest satisfaction, and a boost in revenue—a perfect example of how small changes can make a big impact.

skagen strand paperless case story
mountain lodge upselling case

Mountain Lodge Stöten

After a brisk day on the ski slopes, what could be more delightful than ordering a warm meal to enjoy in the comfort of your hotel bed? Despite being a seasonal operation with just 26 double rooms, Mountain Lodge Stöten has successfully generated over €50,000 in revenue from its in-room dining services, available through the DigitalGuest platform. Whether it’s a juicy burger or a savory Italian pizza, guests can easily place orders with just a few taps on their smartphones—a perfect blend of convenience and comfort.

Copenhagen Admiral Hotel

At Copenhagen Admiral Hotel, integration with DigitalGuest has revolutionized the check-in process. By linking DigitalGuest to their online check-in system, they have created a seamless, completely web-based check-in experience. Guests receive automated pre-stay emails with all necessary links a day before arrival, allowing them to check in and familiarize themselves with hotel amenities through the DigitalGuest platform even before they set foot in the hotel. This advance interaction ensures that guests can immediately start enjoying their stay upon arrival, with all the details taken care of digitally.

admiral hotel integration

These examples demonstrate how DigitalGuest enhances operational efficiency and guest satisfaction, making it an indispensable tool for modern hotels looking to upgrade their guest experience.


In the bustling world of hotel management, using the right technology stack is crucial. Digital guest experience platforms like DigitalGuest don’t just streamline operations; they also enhance guest satisfaction and drive profitability. As the hospitality industry evolves, these platforms are becoming indispensable for hotels that want to stay competitive and keep guests coming back.

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