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Upgrades, room service, and upselling extras made easy! Going digital means that your guests can sweeten their stay directly from their own smartphones. Let’s dive into a few examples!

Mountain Lodge Stöten

What better way to end a long day on the ski slopes than by ordering some takeaway to enjoy in your warm and comfy hotel bed?

Even though Mountain Lodge Stöten is only open for 5 months a year and consists of just 26 double rooms, they’ve managed to cash in +50.000 EUR from takeaway offered on their DigitalGuest platform! Their ski guests especially love a good burger or an Italian pizza, and who can resist when it only takes a few clicks on your own smartphone?!


Dirty burgers sold

+50,000 EUR

increased revenue

mountain lodge upselling box
tivoli hotel upselling box

Tivoli Hotel

At Tivoli Hotel in Copenhagen, they’ve used both a room upgrade option as well as room service. Guests received access to their DigitalGuest platform in a pre-stay email and in an SMS at check-in, but they also placed QR codes linking directly to room service on the bedside table – clever! In just three months they generated +60.000 EUR in total revenue from upgrades and room service. Including an astonishing 1065 Tivoli Burgers


Tivoli burgers sold

+60,000 EUR

increased revenue

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Skagen Strand Feriecenter

Breakfast, some might even say ‘the most important meal of the day’, but either way offering guests the option to order breakfast digitally has created a huge success at Skagen Strand Feriecenter!

The breakfast orders in 2021 included 1572 ‘håndværkere’ – a traditional Danish breakfast roll. In total all orders added up to €8.200 in revenue!


Danish breakfast rolls sold




increased revenue

skagen strand upselling case
hotel mossbylund upselling box

Hotell Mossbylund

At Hotell Mossbylund they’re generating revenue by offering upgrades and the minibar menu digitally in the DigitalGuest platform. This way guests can treat themselves with Saturday candy, sparkling and snacks during the stay or buy a spa treatment before they arrive at the hotel.

In just three months they’ve generated €1215 in revenue with fruit, pralines and spa treatments being their most sold offers – which resulted in 329% ROI. Hotell Mossbylund makes sure to always have a sweet, enticing offer ready for guests, so they can maximize their revenue.


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upselling in hospitality industry

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