Room service

Use our digital room service feature and make sure your guests
always have a tempting offer in their hands.

How DigitalGuest can help you maximize guest spending? 

One of the most important features of the DigitalGuest platform is our room service feature. Our hotel guest communication platform allows guests to order room service directly from their own smartphones while lying in the bed. How convenient!

With digital room service, you can give your guests all the required information they need on their smartphones – general information about the hotel, a complete room service menu with the option of self-ordering, a digital menu of a restaurant, beach bar, night-club or any other advance services of a hotel. 

By using our feature, you can always make sure you have a tempting offer in the hands of your guests. Provide a product box on the platform with offered room service and let your guests do all the work. 

The room service box is completely customizable. You can make it your own with enticing images, use the currency of your choice and have complete freedom when setting up categories and products within the categories. Further, to support our feature, we’ve created order requests on the DigitalGuest platform. Meaning you will get an instant notification on the hotel side of the platform when a guest makes an order from their phone. We make sure that no order goes missing!

There are several benefits of using the feature for your hotel:
– Revenue growth
– Cost-effective
– Less hassle for hotel staff
– Analysis of orders and guests’ behavior

Digital technology, such as our web app platform allows you to collect customer order data that can, later on, be used to ensure you’re offering guests what they really want.

Of course, it’s not only beneficial for the hotel, but for guests as well. Guests can order meals from their rooms, track orders, and pay online. Less time consumption and increased guest satisfaction. Win-win for everyone!

Upgrade room service in your accommodation and boost your guest spending.

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