It all started with a digital replacement of the old and dusty guest directory sitting in the hotel room, but DigitalGuest today is a powerful in-stay platform for both communication, upselling, and guest insights.


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In-stay digital guest directory

Digital guest directory

Bring your printed guest directory to life, and put it directly in your guests pocket. Wifi, hotel facilities, taxi, opening hours, weather forecast, news, restaurant menu, spa etc.

We have even made a solution so you can remove the old inroom phone, and let your guests call the reception directly from the digital guest directory.

And the best thing, it’s updated online within seconds!


Upselling is not only relevant at pre-stay but also during the in-stay. For example, let your guests order extras, such as room service, package offers, upgrades, or anything that brings you additional revenue.

It’s easy to set up, and your own dashboard helps you to handle all orders and keep track of the increased revenue.

in stay upselling
in stay room service

Room service

Make your room service menu available on your guests own smartphone – they can simply order from the bed, from the rooftop, spa, bar – or wherever they feel like it. 

You can edit your menu online in seconds, and when an order is placed, DigitalGuest will notify you right away. Some hotels even use it to let their guests order take-away or breakfast delivered to the room.
You can make vouchers that the guest can redeem and you can track it.

We promise that this feature will bring you more business!

Your design

The DigitalGuest platform is fully customizable to fit your brand and design. Creating a mobile-friendly guest platform has never been easier. The user-friendly platform lets you customize everything from colors, images, logo, fonts and content.

You can even hide/show content and offers based on rate codes, room categories or by different stages e.g. before arrival and during stay.
The DigitalGuest platform is fully customizable to fit your brand and design.

fit to your brand identity
guest communication

Guest communication

Need to tell something to one, a group or all your guests? No problem, you can do it with a few clicks in DigitalGuest.

It’s actually so easy that you can schedule communication in the future to make sure the message will go out to the right guests at a chosen date and time.

It doesn’t get much easier!


A special message to your business guests, or a special offer to your family guests – or maybe even the specific code to open the door? Again, no problem. 

In DigitalGuest you can target communication-based on rate codes, room type, guest type etc. to give a 100% personalized and great service.


PMS integration

DigitalGuest is integrated to several different PMS, which makes it almost too easy to automate your guest communication.

From a lot of different data you can even personalize your communication based on rate codes, guest info, room types etc. We are of course helping you all the way.

QR code generator

It’s easy – scanning is the new touching!

Recently QR codes have become very powerful because you don’t need a QR app scanner anymore – you just use the camera in your smartphone. 

And we have made it easy to generate unlimited QR codes with a few clicks. They could be placed in the bar, restaurant, lobby, reception, elevator, spa area etc. No more prints, go digital!

mobile keys

Mobile keys

The thing that everyone wants is to be able to easily unlock the door and guess what, with DigitalGuest it is possible.

Just with a single click in the web app, your guests can see a link to a partner app to open their door or receive a personal key code in an SMS on arrival day. Now that is convenient!

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