There is so much valuable information for the guests before arrival. With DigitalGuest it’s possible to take good care of your guests without doing any manual work – and you can even earn more money!

Pre-stay Customized, personalized and automated email & SMS flow

Customized, personalized and automated email & SMS flow

Welcome your guests even before they have arrived by personalized and beautiful looking emails and SMS. Simply build your emails by drag & drop and chose when to send them – and then we take care of the rest.

You can actually customize and target emails based on rate code, room type, guest profile – and offer special deals to your guests before they arrive. 

A well informed guest is a happy guest!


A bottle of champagne and flowers waiting on the bed has never harmed anyone.

In DigitalGuest you can customize and target pre-arrival emails and sell more to your guests even before they’ve arrived – that is great service!

It’s easy to setup, and your own dashboard helps you to handle all orders and keep track of the increased revenue.

Pre-stay Pre-upselling
In-stay customize platform

Your platform - your design

The DigitalGuest platform is fully customizable to fit your brand and design.

Creating a mobile-friendly guest platform has never been easier. The user friendly platform lets you customize everything from colors, images, logo, fonts and content.

You can even hide/show content and offers based on rate codes, room categories or by different stages e.g. before arrival and during stay.

Practical information

Providing your guests with practical information before their arrival, can free up valuable time for personal service for in-house guests.

We have first-hand experience with guest service and know that there are a lot of FAQ taking up time. Help, prepare and excite your guests before their visit by sharing directions, parking info, opening hours and great offers.

Pre-stay practical information
Pre-stay arrivals list

Arrivals list

Something urgent came up, that you really need to tell the guests arriving today?

In DigitalGuest you can always see today’s arrivals, and send either SMS or email directly to them. 

Dashboard & Insights

In your live DigitalGuest dashboard you can follow the trends, views, revenue, orders, opening rates and much more. 

This will give you unique insights in your guests behavior and interests, so you can target your communication and marketing even better.

Are you ready to get to know your guests better?

Pre-stay dashboard and guest insights

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