10 Clever Tips for Creating Exceptional Guest Experiences


In hospitality, every moment makes a story, and each stay is a memorable journey. Making your hotel’s guest experience better can really boost its reputation. When guests have a good time, they usually come back and tell others, bringing in more guests.

If you’re into hospitality, you know it’s essential to go the extra mile. In this blog, we’re diving into simple yet powerful ways to make stays extraordinary. Whether you’re a hotel pro or just love making stays special, these ten tips are here to transform the ordinary into something amazing. Ready to amp up your guest experiences?

What is the guest experience in the hospitality industry?

The guest experience encompasses the entire journey and interactions a guest has with a hotel or accommodation. It spans from the initial consideration of booking to the post-stay phase, including every touchpoint and encounter, whether digital or in-person. This collectively shapes the guest’s perception of the hotel’s services, amenities, and overall hospitality. It’s not just about satisfactory service; a positive guest experience goes a step further, creating lasting memories and fostering loyalty.

What are the Ways to Enhance Your Hotel Guest Experiences?

1. Personalize Beyond the Basics

On average, there is a 10% to 15% increase in revenue due to personalization (Demandsage).

The Basics Aren’t Enough:

Personalization is more than just addressing guests by their names. It’s about anticipating needs and creating an experience that feels tailor-made. Dive into data – from previous stays to online interactions – to understand preferences that go beyond the expected.

Crafting Unique Experiences:

Imagine a returning guest finding their favorite snacks in the room or a personalized note referencing their last visit. These small, thoughtful touches transform a stay into a unique story, creating lasting memories.

Embrace Technology:

To personalize the guest experience even more, embrace technology, such as digital guest experience platforms. For example, with DigitalGuest statistics, hotels can gain information about guests and later personalize deals and offers to fit each guest’s needs. To help improve guest satisfaction, the DigitalGuest platform offers communication with guests already before their stay with a personalized welcome message. When guests have all the right information and get personalized offers to improve their stay, they are likely to be more satisfied with their stay, which also results in the repeated booking of returning guests. 

Ready to provide personalized experiences?

2. Surprise Your Guests & Celebrate Special Occasions 

Beyond Expectations:

Memorable moments are created by unexpected surprises. It’s not just about meeting expectations; it’s about surpassing them. A room upgrade, a handwritten welcome note, or a local treat awaiting discovery – these surprises create moments that guests cherish.

Creating Lasting Memories:

Everyone loves celebrations and your hotel most likely is also used for having celebrations or occasions and guests tend to mention that when making a booking. From the hotel’s side, it would be a nice thing to arrange something that would make their day special. It could be a complementary gift, such as a bottle of champagne/wine, a voucher to nearby establishments, or petals on the bed. Any small gesture will be appreciated!

3. Craft Local Experiences

88% of travelers seek authentic local experiences (Forbes). 

Connecting with the Destination:

Guests are no longer just looking for a place to sleep; they crave a connection with the destination. Collaborate with local businesses to create experiences that capture the essence of the location.

The Destination as a Storyteller:

Imagine a hotel stay becoming a journey that extends beyond the hotel walls – from exploring local markets to engaging in community events. The hotel becomes a storyteller, weaving the guest into the vibrant narrative of the destination. 

4. Ensure cleanliness (but let your guests opt out of housekeeping) 

We know cleanliness is crucial for a good guest experience, but we’re also aware that guests are becoming environmentally conscious when they travel. A solution is to let guests choose not to have daily housekeeping. Many people like this option as it makes them feel they’re helping the environment, and it improves their view of the hotel.

With digital platforms like DigitalGuest, guests can easily say no to daily housekeeping. This means less need for constant room cleaning. Guests just indicate their preference on the platform, making housekeeping more efficient and reducing the overall workload.

Read more about the option of opting out of daily housekeeping here


5. Make Sure Your Staff Act as Friendly Guides

Move Beyond Scripts:

Staff are like the friendly faces of hospitality. Encourage them to go beyond scripted greetings. A real smile, remembering a guest’s name, or sharing local tips – these simple things make a place feel welcoming.

Tiny Moments Matter:

In the busy day-to-day, it’s the small moments of connection that guests cherish. Staff aren’t just there to help; they become companions in the guest’s experience.

6. Surprise Room Upgrades

Beyond Regular Stays:

Room upgrades aren’t just about giving a better view; they are about transforming an ordinary stay into an extraordinary one. A surprise upgrade is a gesture that speaks volumes about a hotel’s commitment to guest satisfaction.

Picture a guest’s delight at discovering their room has been upgraded – it’s not just a physical change but a promise of enhanced comfort and a touch of luxury.


7. Enhance Digital Interactions

A Seamless Digital Journey:

Leverage technology to create a seamless digital experience. From mobile check-ins to personalized web app interactions, the digital touchpoints should reflect the hotel’s commitment to a hassle-free stay. Technology can enhance the guest experience and create a more seamless and convenient stay. That’s why it’s so important for accommodations to invest in technology that meets the needs and preferences of their guests.
Check out DigitalGuest, it just might be the right tool for you!

Efficiency with a Click:

Imagine a guest navigating their entire stay with just a few taps on their smartphone. From ordering room service to securing dinner reservations, requesting spa services, and exploring all aspects of the hotel and its surroundings – it’s a seamless blend of efficiency and modern convenience, enhancing the overall guest experience. 

Read more about digital guest experience platforms

8. Infuse Art into Spaces

Art isn’t just about decoration; it’s about telling a story. Transform hotel spaces into curated galleries, where every piece has a narrative. From lobby installations to room decor, let the hotel be a canvas that sparks conversations.

Picture a guest exploring the hotel, discovering unique artworks that ignite curiosity. The hotel becomes not just a place to stay but an immersive experience.

9. Embrace Sustainability with Style

In 2024, being eco-friendly isn’t just a trendy word—it’s a big deal in travel as discussed in the Travel Trends 2024 blog post. So integrate eco-friendly practices seamlessly – from amenities to energy-efficient operations. Sustainability becomes a stylish and integral part of the guest experience.

Picture a hotel where sustainability is not a compromise but an enhancement, appealing to the growing eco-conscious traveler.

10. Reward repeat guests

If you have loyal guests, then why not show that they are valued? You can offer discounts for your guests who book multiple times a year. Or include additional benefits, such as a free massage or a free-of-a-charge day trip that the hotel has arranged. It doesn’t need to be anything big or costly, just a small gesture here and there. 

seamless digital journey with a digital guest experience platform for a hotel

Elevating Every Stay, Every Story

As you dive into enhancing guest experiences, remember: that each detail shapes a unique story. These ten tips are more than suggestions; they’re your invitation to create extraordinary moments for every guest.

So, can you afford not to create unforgettable stays? Enhance your hospitality experience with DigitalGuest. Book a demo today at www.digitalguest.com and discover how technology can transform your guest interactions. Your guests deserve the best – make every stay exceptional with DigitalGuest!

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