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In today’s technological age, hotels are increasingly transitioning from traditional paper-based guest services to modern digital guest platforms. This shift not only brings numerous benefits for both guests and hotel staff but also helps reduce daily housekeeping demands. By embracing digital guest platforms, hotels can improve efficiency, reduce paper waste, and enhance the overall guest experience.

The Importance of Guest Experience

Digital platforms have revolutionized the way hotels interact with their guests, greatly enhancing the overall guest experience. With features like mobile check-in, guests can skip the long queues at the front desk and conveniently check in via their smartphones. In-room controls allow guests to easily adjust temperature, and lighting, and even request services, ensuring a personalized and comfortable stay. These features not only save time for both guests and staff but also provide a higher level of convenience and satisfaction.

DigitalGuest is one such platform that offers a comprehensive range of features and functionalities to enhance the hotel guest experience at every stage, from pre-stay to post-stay. Also, DigitalGuest’s guest communication flow is completely customizable and includes several ways to reach and communicate with your guests. Most importantly you can set up an automated guest communication flow that saves hotels essential time.

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Scaling Down Daily Housekeeping by Using Digital Platforms

One significant benefit of transitioning to digital guest platforms is the ability to reduce the daily housekeeping demands for each room. Traditional hotels often provide daily housekeeping services, which can be taxing on resources and time-consuming. However, digital platforms allow guests to opt out of daily housekeeping, reducing the need for frequent room cleaning. Guests can easily indicate their preference through the platform, leading to more efficient allocation of housekeeping resources and reduced overall workload.

Additionally, digital guest platforms, like DigitalGuest, empower guests to customize their cleaning requests. For example, guests can request specific cleaning services, such as changing towels or cleaning the bathroom, only when needed.

What are the Benefits of Skipping Daily Housekeeping at Your Hotel? 

Many hotels now offer guests the enticing option of skipping daily housekeeping. This innovative approach sparks a win-win situation, where guests can enjoy their privacy while hotels contribute to a greener planet. What’s in it for you? 

Sustainability in Every Choice

Skipping daily housekeeping significantly reduces the hotel’s ecological footprint, conserving water, energy, and cleaning resources. This sustainable approach not only resonates with environmentally conscious travellers but also underscores the hotel’s commitment to responsible practices.

Uninterrupted Stay

It empowers guests with a sense of autonomy, allowing them to customize their stay by opting out of daily housekeeping services. This level of personalization contributes to a more relaxed and uninterrupted stay.

With opt-out housekeeping, guests can enjoy tailored experiences while hotels contribute to a greener future. By embracing the benefits of skipping daily housekeeping, hotels can reshape the guest journey, enhance sustainability efforts, and foster a renewed sense of guest loyalty.

Resourceful Resourcing

For hotels, this transition translates into an efficient allocation of housekeeping resources. Rooms requiring cleaning are prioritized, optimizing the staff’s time and energy, which in turn paves the way for an enhanced guest experience.

Case Studies

Several hotels have already embraced the transition to digital guest platforms, such as Aurora Village, Hotel Maassluis, First Hotel Jorgen Kock, reaping the benefits of reduced daily room cleaning demands. 

One such success story is Haltia Lake Lodge in Finland, that implemented a digital platform allowing guests to choose their cleaning preferences. By opting out of daily housekeeping, Haltia Lake Lodge lets guests choose an option to plant a tree in the wild. They collaborate with Hotels For Trees Foundation, which contributes directly to a greener hotel world and plants a tree each time a guest chooses to skip the daily room cleaning. Nature Hotel Haltia Lake Lodge has also won a prestigious international competition. In 2022, the hotel has been nominated as the best sustainable hotel in Europe in the World Boutique Hotel Awards. Sustainability at its finest!

Haltia lake lodge platform
Hotel imperial platform

Another story comes from Arp Hansen Hotel Group, where at Hotel Imperial, they give guests the option to choose whether they want cleaning of the room. If guests are staying with them for more than one night, they no longer automatically clean the room. If guests want the room to be cleaned, then they need to request it themselves. With this initiative, they help to reduce the hotel’s electricity and water consumption. This way of handling cleaning demands is something they do on all their platforms!

Not only does this action save resources, but it also improves guest satisfaction by giving them a greater sense of control over their stay. 

Implementing Digital Platforms for Seamless Housekeeping Optimization

The journey towards efficient housekeeping optimization through digital platforms is not a mere technological leap but a strategic evolution. To successfully implement digital guest platform, hotels should consider the following steps:

  • Digital Integration: Seamlessly integrate the digital guest platform into your hotel operations, ensuring a smooth and intuitive interface.
  • Customization: Tailor the platform to mirror your hotel’s brand identity while ensuring user-friendliness for both guests and staff.
  • Guest Communication: Highlight the benefits of this digital transition, underscoring the convenience of tailored housekeeping and its environmental impact.
  • Education at Check-In: During check-in, educate guests about the platform’s features, showcasing how they can manage their housekeeping preferences.
  • Feedback Loop: Encourage guests to provide feedback, which can then be leveraged to continually enhance both guest experience and operational efficiency.
  • Repetitive Improvement: Consistently assess the platform’s performance and leverage insights to fine-tune the guest experience and operational efficacy.

Transitioning from paper-based guest services to digital guest platforms brings numerous benefits to hotels, guests, and the environment. By reducing daily room cleaning demands through features like customizable cleaning requests and opt-out options, hotels can allocate resources more efficiently and provide a tailored guest experience. Embracing digital guest platforms not only enhances operational efficiency but also demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and guest satisfaction. It’s time for hotels to take action and make the switch to digital, unlocking a new era of guest services and reducing daily housekeeping demands.

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