DigitalGuest’s 2023 Journey: A Year of Exceptional Features for Improved Guest Experience!


Welcome to DigitalGuest’s 2023 recap – a year packed with innovations designed to transform the guest journey from pre-stay excitement to in-stay convenience and post-stay reflection. Our commitment to enhancing the hospitality experience has led to the creation of features that redefine the way you engage with your guests. Let’s take a stroll through the remarkable additions that made 2023 a standout year.

Pre-stay: Build Excitement

1. Digital Guest Registration Form

Bid farewell to paper forms! DigitalGuest introduces a seamless digital solution, allowing guests to complete registration forms online, whether before arrival, at the reception on a tablet, or by scanning a QR code. This feature not only complies with local regulations but also ensures a quicker, smoother check-in process. 

Learn more about the digital registration form feature here.

2. Room Upgrades Automation

July saw the launch of room upgrades, empowering you to boost revenue by showcasing enticing room options in pre-stay communications. With DigitalGuest’s Room Upgrades feature, you can eliminate the laborious task of manually upselling rooms and focus more on how to effectively communicate these offers to your guests. Define room types with enticing descriptions, inspiring pictures, and great prices, and then add a room upgrades module to your pre-stay emails and SMSs.

DigitalGuest’s Room Upgrades feature is designed to save your staff valuable time at check-in and streamline the upselling process. By automating the room upgrade deals through our platform, you can effortlessly increase your upselling revenue even before your guests arrive at your hotel. This allows your guests to explore exciting upgrades at home, and your staff can use the time to prepare the new room instead of spending it on asking during check-in.

Learn more about the room upgrades feature here.

In-stay: Automate Day-to-Day Tasks

1. Enhanced Automated Communication

Our Automated Communication got a power-up! Now, you can enjoy personalized messages with new inserts and ‘send when’ options. This feature lets you include include arrival date, departure date, unit type, and booking number to your automated messages. 

As well as It’s now possible to send a message to your guests on the same morning as the arrival date, and a message with a delay from check-in time – all chosen by you and based on what fits your place and your guests the best!

2. Unit Specific 2.0

Last year we simplified the process of giving your guests the exact information they need, based on which room/house/unit they are staying in, by introducing a new type of box: Unit specific. 

This year it was time for a little update – Unit Specific 2.0. With this updated version you now have the chance to add a button referring to the exact information to each of your rooms. And you of course decide where this button should lead to, whether it’s a link, a PDF or where else you have the information. Elevate your guest experience by implementing this update. 

3. Statistics 2.0

Dive into a deeper understanding of your guests with Statistics 2.0! This enhanced dashboard provides valuable guestbook data, including link conversion, total views, revenue, and more. With your guestbook statistics, you can stay on top of your initiatives and easily identify areas of strength and weaknesses.

Besides the data you could see before, you can now find:

  • Guestbook link conversion – How many guests received a guestbook link and how many of them visited the platform?
  • Total guestbook views. With a breakdown of how guests accessed it (SMS, Email or QR)
  • Generated revenue in a weekly, monthly, or yearly timeframe.
  • How many emails and SMSs have you sent
  • Page views and PDF Views
  • Tab-bar clicks

For visual information watch Stine’s video here and get ready to connect with your guests on a whole new level.

Post-stay: Complete the Journey 

1. Guest Feedback

March marked a milestone with the release of Guest Feedbackour biggest feature yet! With this feature, you are now able to complete the guest journey through your platform.

You can customize surveys, capture guest reviews, and respond directly through the DigitalGuest platform with personalized templates. 

When you unlock this feature, you get:

  • Valuable insights into your guest’s experience
  • Increase guest satisfaction
  • Improve your operations level based on your data
  • Create a complete and branded guest journey

One of the best ways to gauge the level of guest satisfaction is by listening to guest feedback. So watch Adam explain the magic behind the guest feedback feature, or find out more by clicking here.

As 2023 draws to a close, DigitalGuest reflects on a year of innovation, feedback, and growth. These features are not just tools; they’re a testament to our dedication to revolutionizing the guest experience. Join us in embracing a future where every stay is an unforgettable journey. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the year ahead! 

About DigitalGuest

The DigitalGuest platform empowers hotels to deliver a remarkable digital guest experience while streamlining hotel operations and boosting the average spend per guest.   Personalized enticing offers, automated communication, guest feedback and so much more – all in one digital guest experience platform, completely customized to match your brand image. Adding your content to our user-friendly and intuitive platform is easy and fast, so you can get started creating amazing guest experiences in no time. From pre-stay to post-stay we enable hotels to automatically reach the right guest at the right time with the right content using segmentation and based on the stage of the guest journey.      

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