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The holiday season is a magical time for joy, relaxation, and creating lasting memories. In the hotel world, this period stands out as one of the most bustling and pivotal times of the year. Throughout the busy season, hotel staff find themselves fully engaged, striving tirelessly to ensure their guests experience an unforgettable stay. Many hotels already benefit from embracing tech advancements to enhance the guest experience, but also to optimize their hotel operations.

In this blog post let’s dive into how both platforms – VisBook and DigitalGuest –  improve guest experiences, how to leverage automated communication in the hotel, what are the benefits both for guests and hoteliers, and let’s look at the examples that hotels could use already for this holiday season!

Let’s bring on that holiday season hospitality!

christmas dinner at the hotel

Meet Visbook and DigitalGuest

1. VisBook – Hotel Booking System

A Hotel Booking System or a Property Management System (PMS) is a software application or platform that enables hotels and other lodging establishments to manage and streamline the reservation process. It serves as a centralized tool for handling bookings, room availability, and customer information. 

VisBook, a seasoned player since 1995, is not just a hotel booking system; it’s the backstage hero for managing administrative tasks in the hospitality world. Renowned for pioneering hospitality systems, VisBook seamlessly integrates all aspects of hotel management into a user-friendly system. Hotels, under VisBook’s watchful eye, can focus on delivering an outstanding guest experience, knowing that management complexities are expertly handled.

2. DigitalGuest – Digital Guest Experience Platform

A digital guest experience platform is a powerful tool that empowers hotels to deliver exceptional guest experiences through innovative technology solutions. DigitalGuest is one such platform that offers a comprehensive range of features and functionalities to enhance the hotel guest experience at every stage, from pre-stay to post-stay, but also to optimize hotel operations. Personalized enticing offers, automated communication, guest feedback and so much more – all in one digital guest experience platform, completely customized to match the hotel’s brand image. 

DigitalGuest enables hotels to automatically reach the right guest at the right time with the right content using segmentation based on the stage of the guest journey and what kind of booking. The guest communication flow is completely customizable and includes several ways to reach and communicate with hotel guests, both before, during, and after their stay. The hotel staff just need to set it up once and then let the DigitalGuest platform do the rest – a true time saver!

The Power of 2-way Integration

Earlier this year, DigitalGuest and VisBook joined forces in a 2-way integration, taking automated hotel operations to new heights. This integration means less manual work, an automated upselling process, and optimal resource utilization.

The DigitalGuest/VisBook integration allows DigitalGuest to borrow all the guest booking data, to personalize and automate the digital guest journey. Both before, during, and after the stay, hotels can send out automated and segmented emails and text messages based on the guest room type or rate code.

Through this strong integration, hotels can reach their guests with automated communication up to 14 days before the guests arrive. This gives the hotel a powerful opportunity to share practical information and inspiration, but also enticing offers, without doing any manual work. 

Hotels can even prepare all the emails, text messages, and content on the platform for the holiday season so when the season arrives, all they gotta do is turn it on.

As a cherry on top, everything can be personalized. Set up automated messages tailored specifically to your leisure guests and others for your business guests, so everyone is 100% well-informed. 

The ease of upselling with 2-way integration

Upselling deals is key when it comes to increasing average spending per guest. As well as,  boosting revenue coming in, however, it’s often combined with a lot of manual work for the hotel. But not anymore. 

Through the 2-way integration, it’s easy to automate the process of handling and receiving orders coming in through DigitalGuest. This means, when a guest places an order through DigitalGuest, the orders will go directly on the guest’s bill, the minute a hotel accepts the order.  Whether they order a bottle of bubbles through a pre-stay email or room service directly from the DigitalGuest platform after they arrive. 

The hotel staff can even choose to run 100% autopilot and have all orders automatically accepted – whatever suits the hotel operations best.

automated upselling in hotel - chmapagne before guest arrival

What is automation in the hospitality industry?

In the hospitality industry, automation isn’t just a buzzword. It simplifies daily operations, saving time and resources, and creating a hassle-free environment for guests. The goal? Streamline processes, reduce errors, and boost operational efficiency and ROI.

Examples of automated communication in the hospitality are:

  • Guest Messaging enhances communication with guests through scheduled messages, letting hotels provide guests with a seamless experience.
  • Use automation to identify and offer personalized upselling deals that are increasing revenue and improving guest satisfaction at the same time. 

Automated Communication During the Holiday Seasons

1. Leveraging Automated Communication in Hotels

Enhancing Guest Interactions During Holidays

  • Enhancing Guest Interactions During Holidays
    As the holiday season gets busy, automated communication becomes a valuable tool. When a hotel booking system like VisBook is integrated with a digital guest experience platform like DigitalGuest, it unlocks tons of opportunities to improve guest interactions, making sure every guest feels valued and looked after during this special time. For example, hotels can automatically send out text messages to all their in-house guests on Fridays in December or every day in December to inform them about a special Christmas menu offer in the restaurant.

  • Streamlining the Check-In process at the Hotel
    Automated communication streamlines the holiday rush by efficiently decreasing the time when checking in. Not only, can a hotel share a lot of information with guests, which normally takes up time at check-in, but the hotel can also include upselling in the automated pre-stay communication. Offering upselling deals to guests before they arrive, will free up time at check-in. As well as give the hotel more time to prepare the requests. For example, offering a Christmas discount on room upgrades and adding it to the automated pre-stay emails. This will definitely give guests a great Christmas experience, but also give staff time to prepare the room in advance.

2. Benefits for Guests and Hoteliers

Benefits of Automated Communication for Guests

  • Timely and Relevant Information: Guests get important updates and offers on time, making their overall experience better. 100% well-informed guests!
  • Personalized Touch: Automated communication tailors messages, giving guests recommendations and services based on their preferences.

Benefits of Automated Communication for Hoteliers

  • Operational Efficiency: Automation cuts down on manual tasks, letting hotel staff focus on more important things and boosting overall efficiency.
  • Time Savings: Automation saves time for guests and hoteliers, especially during check-ins, check-outs, and routine processes.

Ready to automate your guest communication?


Automate great guest communication at every stage of the journey

Discover practical examples of how automation can enhance every stage of the guest journey, specifically tailored for the holiday season. From the pre-stay anticipation to the festive moments during their stay, and even extending a warm post-stay connection, these automated strategies aim to provide a seamless and joyful experience for your guests.


Inform guests about holiday activities

In the automated pre-stay email, share details about nearby Christmas markets to inspire guests to explore the charming surroundings when they arrive at the hotel. Or share details about exciting Christmas or New Year’s events either within the hotel or close by. Such thoughtful gestures are sure to bring a smile to guests’ faces.

Sell room upgrades

Offer room upgrades with a seasonal charm through automated pre-stay communication. Guests might consider opting for a Christmas-themed upgrade or choose a room with unique touches like a comfy fireplace or classic antique furniture. There might even be a great offer on the room upgrade as a little Christmas treat.


Update your best-selling deals

Take a look at hotels’ top-performing deals and give them a festive makeover. For example,  consider adding a Christmas-themed dinner to a hotel’s usual lineup of 2 and 3-course meals. Make it a bit more extravagant on Christmas day, complete with festive extras like Christmas crackers and games. 

Or, keep it simple with a cozy meal deal featuring delights like mulled wine or a Christmas-themed dessert menu. Or why not offer champagne on New Year’s Eve? If your guests are already in the holiday spirit, tempting them with these festive meals and drinks won’t take much convincing! 

New Year email on digitalguestplatform

Surprise in-house guests

Make every day special for your in-house guests! Surprise them with a daily scheduled message inviting them to the bar for a complimentary beer. It’s a small gesture that adds a touch of joy to their stay. This way, the festive spirit lingers beyond check-in, creating a memorable experience that keeps guests connected and looking forward to more pleasant surprises during their visit. 

Offer Late Check-Out

No one wakes up early after a Christmas dinner. Extend the guest joy by sending out automated communication that not only expresses gratitude for choosing your hotel but also comes bearing a delightful offer: a late check-out for a small price. This thoughtful gesture adds an extra touch of comfort and relaxation, leaving guests with a positive final impression. It’s a small way to say thanks and entice them to return for more memorable experiences in the future. 

automated communication SMS about late check-out


Extend the Festive Cheer

The holiday spirit doesn’t have to end at check-out! Keep the connection alive by sending heartfelt thank-you emails expressing gratitude for choosing your hotel during the festive season. Include a warm farewell message and give a last Christmas gift offering a special discount for their next stay. A limited-time promotion or an exclusive deal encourages them to return for another memorable experience, reinforcing a positive impression and paving the way for future visits.

Wrapping it up

As the holiday season gets closer by the day, reflect on the role automated communication in hotels plays in shaping exceptional experiences. VisBook and DigitalGuest, through their seamless integration, empower hoteliers to provide memorable stays. By streamlining guest communication, saving up on check-in time, and enhancing guest engagement, these platforms ensure that the holiday season is a time of joy, relaxation, and unforgettable moments for both guests and hoteliers alike.

If you are passionate about enhancing the guest experience and want to optimize satisfaction during the holiday season, consider booking a demo with us. We’re eager to learn more about your property and discuss how we can be of assistance.

If you’re in search of the ideal PMS integration, look no further. Our partner, VisBook, provides comprehensive hotel reservation software. Feel free to book a demo with them to explore the functionalities of their PMS.

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