Meeting the Needs of a Modern Guest: Personalization


Meeting the Needs of a Modern Guest: Personalization and Segmentation for Top-notch Guest Experience

In this industry, success hinges on our ability to meet the needs of the modern guest. These guests are a savvy bunch with high expectations. They crave personalized experiences that cater to their individual needs and preferences. That’s why it’s crucial for hotels, hostels, resorts or vacation houses to implement personalization and segmentation strategies that create outstanding guest experiences, setting them apart from the competition.

First and foremost, personalization is key. 

Today’s guests expect nothing less than tailored experiences that cater to their unique interests and desires. This means offering customized amenities, dining options, and tailored activities that leave a lasting impression. By using data and analytics, accommodations can gain a deeper understanding of their guests and provide the kind of personalized service that truly stands out.

Guest segmentation is essential.

To create the best possible digital guest experience, guest segmentation is very important. With segmentation, hotels can target communication based on rate codes and room type to give 100% personalized offers and information. 

With DigitalGuest you can differentiate information, guest communication, and upselling offers. The guest segmentation can be based on either rate codes from your PMS or on the unit the guest is staying in. DigitalGuest integrates and connects with your PMS or booking system, so you can easily set up different guest segments.


And speaking of technology, it plays a significant role in meeting the needs of the modern guest. From mobile check-in to in-room technology and personalized mobile web apps, technology can enhance the guest experience and create a more seamless and convenient stay. That’s why it’s so important for accommodations to invest in technology that meets the needs and preferences of their guests.
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But we can’t forget about sustainability. 

The modern guest is increasingly concerned with eco-friendliness and sustainability, so it’s essential for hotels to prioritize these things in their operations and offerings. That might mean using digital tools, reducing paper waste, using renewable energy sources and offering eco-friendly amenities and services.

And last but not least, authenticity is key. 

The modern guest craves unique experiences that are authentic and memorable. That’s why accommodations should offer local cuisine, and cultural activities, and incorporate local design and architecture into their properties.

At the end of the day, meeting the needs of the modern guest requires a comprehensive approach that includes personalization, segmentation, technology, sustainability, and authenticity.

And that’s where DigitalGuest comes in. Our digital guest experience platform can take your hospitality to the next level with personalized communication, unique guest insights, and guest segmentation. Besides, we aim to provide a sustainable solution for every accommodation and help them make their guest journey even better. 

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