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Your platform, your design! The DigitalGuest platform offers endless possibilities to personalize your digital platform, so you can capture your brand identity and suit your guests’ needs! Let’s just say that the only limit is your imagination – and our Customer Success Team can help with that!

71 nyhavn cph customization case platform

71 Nyhavn Copenhagen

When you dive into the DigitalGuest platform at 71Nyhavn, you see the exact same visually appealing design as on their website. Beautiful modern pictures, the perfect combination of fonts and down to earth colors. No matter which time of year or season – pictures and content are always updated, so what guests see on the platform is always relevant!

They created an exclusive and relaxing universe, that make guests feel the vibes Nyhavn from the first time they tap into the platform, even before they arrive.


and unique brand


and easy design


check- completed

Steel House Copenhagen

Steel House Copenhagen combines its signature yellow with vibrant photos to capture the vibe of the urban hostel. Since this is a hostel welcoming social travellers from all around the world, their platform content includes info about public transportation for those budget-minded travellers and info and sign-up forms for in-house events such as yoga classes, quiz and game nights, and live music.

Design is of course important but personalizing the platform content is equally important – and Steel House Copenhagen is the perfect example of how to create content that suits their particular guests!


personalized content


guest feeling

steel house perzonalization case

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meet tuesday customized platform

Meet Tuesday

Creating amazing digital guest experiences is not just for hotels! At the newly opened meeting hub Meet Tuesday in Rotterdam, they’re using DigitalGuest to share all practical information, bar menu, meeting hacks, and much more with meeting guests.

They’ve even added the option to order choco truffles or a glass of bubbles in their digital platform. Because we all know that sometimes a meeting really needs an extra boost or just a sweet ending! 


and easy design


brand recognition

customize design

Hotel Ruth

At Hotel Ruth in Stockholm, they’ve created a platform that extends the look and feel of both the hotel and their website. Resulting in ultra-strong brand identity, no matter where the guest meets them! Through their platform, Hotel Ruth also manages to connect guests with the surroundings and anything they might need during their stay.

In the digital platform guests, for example, find live updated weather and map with live directions to the hotel. Lastly, guests are recommended to visit the modern museum Fotografiske which not only is an extension of the hotel’s vibe and feel, but also a place that fits the interest of the guest segment staying at Hotel Ruth.


look and feel



hotel ruth customized platform

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