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guest communication in hospitality

Communication is key! And providing that little bit of extra service is a piece of cake when you can contact your guests with just a few clicks! So what could your guests be interested in? Let’s dive into these stories!

Comwell Aarhus

We all know those busy breakfast hours, where the buffet is crowded and there’s barely time to clean up a table before the next guests sit down.

At Comwell Aarhus they’ve solved the rush in the past by using DigitalGuest to send out a short SMS letting guests know when there’s less traffic at the breakfast buffet. Could be as simple as recommending guests to arrive at 8:45 instead of 9:05 to avoid a crowded breakfast buffet. Delivering great service while also easing the pressure on the kitchen and staff.


crowded breakfast buffet


satisfied guests


A late cancellation for a spa treatment or massage used to equal lost income at TanumStrand, but now they send out a quick SMS letting in-house guests know if there’s an opening.

Often this results in a new booking, so the hotel still gets the income and a happy guest after a wonderful spa treatment! 


SMS to guests


SPA bookings

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Blokhus By Camping

The key to a camping trailer was found on a sidewalk in Blokhus and brought to the reception at Blokhus By Camping as lost & found. Before DigitalGuest, the campsite would’ve printed posters to display in communal spaces around the campsite, so it could take several days to find the owner – if the owner was even found at all.

This time they decided to log into their DigitalGuest platform and send out an SMS to all in-house guests. Just 10 minutes later the key was returned to its owner. Now that is effective digital communication! 

1 key

got away

1 key

found its way home



flora guest communication case

Hotel Flora

Nudge your guests to visit your restaurant or bar with an extra SMS or email. At Hotel Flora they had been sending out a short pre-arrival SMS inviting guests to join happy hour or some snacks at their in-house bar & bistro.

Super simple and easy way to increase the revenue and at the same time achieve happy and well-informed guests! 


invitation for happy hour


bar revenue

guest communication in hospitality

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