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vouchers in hospitality

Generate extra business at your place or even for partners in the nearby area. Including vouchers on your digital platform, can help tempt your guests to visit your bar, spa, or maybe even nearby shops and restaurants?

grand hotel saltsjobaden voucher box

Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden

A voucher doesn’t necessarily have to offer a free gift for the guest. At Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden they offer a package deal including a glass of bubbles pr. person. It’s completely up to the guest whether they would like to enjoy the bubbles upon arrival, at the bar, in the spa, or while having dinner in the restaurant. To keep track of which guests have already received their bubbles, Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden uses the DigitalGuest voucher feature. The staff simply slides the voucher on the guest’s phone when they receive the bubbles, and then it will be marked as ‘redeemed’ for the rest of their stay.


guests served with bubbles


happiness increased

Next House Copenhagen

Offer your guests digital vouchers to drive traffic to your bar or restaurant.

The brand new Next House Copenhagen offers a free beer to all guests through their DigitalGuest platform. This awesome voucher has been redeemed 13,000 times in 1 year! Imagine all the guests coming by that bar and how much extra revenue those visitors will generate!


guests served with a free beer


happiness increased

next house copenhagen voucher box

Ready to drive additional revenue?

kosta boda voucher box

Kosta Boda Art Hotel

Collaboration and partnerships with surrounding businesses is the key to this short story!

On Kosta Boda Art Hotel’s digital platform, guests are offered a collection of 12 vouchers to shops near the hotel. The voucher collection includes discounts at a jewelry store, sports outlet, glass shop, and even a toys and games store. Safe to say there’s an offer for every guest, and it shows – in total there’s been 3.856 voucher redeems! Imagine how much business has been generated in the nearby shops! That’s how you create truly valuable partnerships!


stronger local partnerships


happy guests

Copenhagen City

Level up your guests’ experience and boost your average spend per guest. With the combination of our features Visibility Settings and Vouchers, guests staying at Danhostel Copenhagen each day see a digital discount voucher for the drink of the day. Mondays are all about the classic gin & tonic, Tuesdays bring the refreshing vibes of Cuba libre, and the excitement just keeps on flowing.

Not only are they attracting more guests to the bar and spoiling their guests with a great discount, but they also drive more traffic to the DigitalGuest platform, because who doesn’t want to see what’s the drink of the day, the day after?


served drinks


digital voucher

vouchers in hospitality

danhostel copenhagen city voucher box

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