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QR codes in hospitality

How do you make sure that all of your guests are reaching your beautiful DigitalGuest platform? With QR codes you can nudge in-house guests but also reach visitors who aren’t staying at your property.

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Steel House Copenhagen

When talking about QR codes we have to mention Steel House Copenhagen! At this funky poshtel, the common areas are booming with cleverly placed QR codes linking to exactly what the guest needs in that exact area. Could be a QR code linking to bike rentals next to the bikes, a QR with a voucher for free beer on the bar, or the huge QR code displayed on a big screen next to the reception linking guests to the entire platform.

With the DigitalGuest QR code builder, it’s even possible to create beautiful QR code designs that fit any surroundings or brand.


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The Well Spa Resort

A hotel gone digital! The Well Spa Resort in Norway supports their automated communication of the DigitalGuest platform with cleverly placed QR codes.

Guests receive their key cards as waterproof wristbands. These wristbands are placed in a small cardboard box with a QR code linking to the DigitalGuest platform. They’ve also placed the QR code conveniently next to the hotel bed as well as around the reception and lounge area. 


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qr codes in hospitality

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Axel Guldsmeden QR code case

Axel Guldsmeden

At Axel Guldsmeden guests receive a pre-stay email and a check-in SMS linking to their DigitalGuest platform.

But just in case a guest hasn’t found their way to the digital guestbook, Axel Guldsmeden has added a few well-placed QR codes – including a cute paper airplane with a QR code on the bed in each hotel room as well as on the key card envelopes. Just to make sure that guests never doubt where to find information!

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Meet Tuesday

In Rotterdam, the meeting hub Tuesday is using exceptionally visible and colorful QR codes all around. Guests simply scan the QR code that leads to the specific box on the platform based on the room the guest is in. Practical information, the bar menu, meeting hacks, and much more information is easily available just one scan away. Tuesday uses QR codes in a sustainable way as it’s printed once and no paper is used.

Exciting to see, that QR codes are not only for hotels but also for all companies who want to create amazing digital experiences for their guests.


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