Improving Your Hotel Guest Communication: Tips from DigitalGuest


We’re thrilled to share some valuable insights on improving guest communication in the hospitality industry. In today’s competitive market, exceptional guest communication can make all the difference in creating a memorable guest experience. 

The Power of Effective Guest Communication

Picture this: You step into a hotel lobby, weary from your travels, only to be greeted by a friendly smile and a warm welcome from the front desk staff. Immediately, you feel reassured that your stay is going to be enjoyable and stress-free. This simple act of effective guest communication sets the tone for your entire visit.

Guest communication is the lifeline of any successful hospitality business. It’s not just about relaying information; it’s about building connections, anticipating needs, and creating personalized experiences for each guest. In this blog post, we will delve into useful tips and strategies to take your guest communication to the next level.

1. Utilize Multiple Guest Communication Channels

Gone are the days of relying solely on phone calls or face-to-face interactions. Embrace the power of technology and leverage various communication channels such as email, SMS, and messaging apps to connect with your guests before, during, and after their stay. By providing multiple channels, you offer convenience and accessibility to guests, empowering them to communicate on their terms.

2. Pre-Arrival: Make Guests Feel Valued From the Start

First impressions matter, and the pre-arrival stage is an excellent opportunity to set the stage for an exceptional guest experience. Send personalized pre-arrival emails or SMS messages, welcoming guests and providing important information about their stay. Include details about local attractions, amenities, and any special offers or upgrades they may enjoy.

DigitalGuest’s guest communication solutions are designed to simplify and automate pre-arrival communications, ensuring that guests feel valued right from the moment they book. With customizable templates and automated scheduling, hotels can effortlessly provide a personal touch to guests before they arrive.

Ready to make your guests feel valued?

3. In-Stay: Proactive Communication for Maximum Guest Satisfaction

During a guest’s stay, maintaining open lines of communication is crucial. Encourage guests to reach out with any questions or concerns they may have, and be proactive in addressing their needs.

Upon check-in, use SMS to provide a link to the digital guestbook, ensuring guests have easy access throughout their stay. Enhance the dining experience by sending an SMS with a special offer for the hotel restaurant, prompting guests to book a table through the provided link in the guestbook.

For timely updates or promotions, use scheduled messages. Inform guests of less crowded times for breakfast to alleviate rush or announce recurring events like a Friday evening happy hour. With these strategies, in-stay communication becomes seamless, enhancing the overall guest experience.

With DigitalGuest’s integrated communication feature, hotels can streamline in-stay guest communication. From providing dining recommendations to upselling services DigitalGuest keeps you connected and responsive to your guests’ needs, enhancing their overall experience.

In-stay guest communication

4. Post-Stay: Keeping the Connection Alive

Guest communication doesn’t end when the guest checks out. To foster guest loyalty and encourage positive reviews, it’s important to follow up post-stay. Send personalized thank-you emails or messages expressing your appreciation for their stay. Ask for feedback and encourage them to share their experiences on review platforms or social media.

DigitalGuest’s post-stay communication tools enable hotels to automate personalized post-stay emails, gather valuable feedback, and measure guest satisfaction. By staying connected with your guests even after they leave, you nurture long-term relationships and turn satisfied guests into loyal brand advocates.

Post-stay guest communication


Effective guest communication is an essential ingredient for success in the hospitality industry. By utilizing multiple communication channels, embracing technology, and prioritizing pre-arrival, in-stay, and post-stay interactions, hotels can create memorable experiences that keep guests coming back. And with DigitalGuest’s innovative guest experience platform, you have the tools and support you need to enhance your guest communication seamlessly.

So, are you ready to take your guest communication to new heights? Explore the possibilities with DigitalGuest and embark on a journey to the future of hospitality. Improve your guest experience and leave a lasting impression! 🚀

Remember, the DigitalGuest team is here to guide you every step of the way. Reach out to us with any questions or for a personalized demonstration of our solutions. Let’s elevate your guest communication together!

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