The Silent Traveller: Meeting Their Needs for Growth and Loyalty


In today’s digital age, there is an interesting breed of travellers called “The Silent Traveller”. These tech-savvy explorers opt for seamless digital interactions while journeying the world. From booking their trips online to checking in for flights via mobile devices, they embrace the convenience and efficiency that technology offers. This blog post goes into the world of The Silent Traveller, understanding their preferences, and exploring why meeting their needs is crucial for both growth and loyalty in the hospitality industry.

What is The Silent Traveller?

The Silent Traveller is an archetype of travellers who prefer minimal human interaction during their journeys. They leverage technology to its fullest extent, using self-service options like mobile check-ins and automated processes. Even at hotels, they appreciate the ease of accessing their rooms through self-service kiosks, reducing the need for direct contact with staff.

This distinctive group also communicates differently. Rather than traditional methods like emails or phone calls, they take to social media to share their adventures. Through posts, tweets, and snapshots, they offer glimpses of their experiences, providing valuable insights for businesses eager to tap into their preferences.

Why is it important to meet the needs of The Silent Traveller?

Expand Customer Base

Catering to The Silent Traveller offers businesses a golden opportunity to expand their customer base significantly. By providing seamless digital experiences and user-friendly online booking systems, companies can attract and retain these tech-savvy travellers. This, in turn, leads to substantial growth in key performance indicators (KPIs), positioning businesses as market leaders in the ever-competitive hospitality industry.

Guest Retention

Focusing on The Silent Traveller’s needs leads to higher guest retention rates. By accommodating their preference for minimal human interaction, businesses create a comfortable environment for them. The seamless experience and ease of transactions foster satisfaction and enhance the overall guest experience, encouraging these travellers to become loyal patrons.

Foster an Inclusive Environment

Meeting the needs of The Silent Traveller fosters an inclusive environment in the hospitality industry. Recognizing and adapting to the preferences of various types of travellers, including those who prefer digital communication, ensures that all guests feel welcomed and valued. Embracing this diversity not only improves the overall guest experience but also strengthens a positive reputation for businesses.

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How do we connect with The Silent Traveller?

To effectively connect with The Silent Traveller, hotels must establish a strong digital presence. Embracing technology and being easily accessible online, from booking platforms to social media caters to their preference for digital interactions. A strong online presence can be a game-changer, captivating these travellers right from the start.

“An informed guest is a happy guest”

Keeping guests well-informed is crucial. By proactively providing updates on reservations, amenities, and any changes to their stay, businesses reduce the need for direct contact with staff. This not only saves time for both parties but also contributes to the seamless experience The Silent Traveller seeks.

Ready to jump-start your digital journey?


Utilize a digital tool like DigitalGuest

At DigitalGuest, we recognize the crucial role digital tools play in elevating the hotel guest experience. That’s why our digital guest experience platform integrates a comprehensive suite of features. This help to cater to The Silent Traveller’s preferences seamlessly, leading to increased satisfaction, loyalty, and positive reviews.

1. All information in one place digitally

Our digital platform empowers guests to explore everything there is about the hotel and local attractions. On the platform, guests can make reservations for dinner and request services, such as a spa, with ease.

2. Offer Room Upgrades

With the Room Upgrades feature you can offer room upgrades automatically to all the guests before their arrival. This gives your guests, including The Silent Travellers, the opportunity to tailor their experience before their arrival by upgrading to a room with better amenities. And all without having any contact with hotel staff.

3. Use a Digital Registration Form

Through the DigitalGuest platform, you can set up the hotel guest registration form you need based on your local regulations and add extra information you would like about your guests. Then just simply add the digital registration form to your pre-stay email – letting guests fill out their registration form online before their arrival. This helps to minimize personal contact during check-in, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

4. Maximize the potential of Pre-Upselling

Start your guest stay even before they check in with a personalized pre-stay upselling email. In this email you can present enticing offers to your guests, for example, adding breakfast or champagne to their purchase or upgrading to a bigger room. These automated pre-arrival upselling campaigns familiarize your guests with on-property amenities and local activities while offering more opportunities to drive additional revenue and increase the revenue per available room (RevPAR).

5. Gather valuable insights through Guest Feedback

The Silent Traveller prefers to avoid talking face-to-face but is really interested in entering into an online dialogue about their experience. So connect with The Silent Travellers by using the Guest Feedback feature. With a simple setup encourage them to share their experiences and measure their loyalty. It’s absolutely essential to gather guest feedback because it provides valuable insights into your guests’ experiences and helps to identify areas where you need to improve.

digital guest experience platform for hotels

The Silent Traveller represents a dynamic segment of travellers who prioritize seamless digital interactions and minimal human contact. Meeting their needs is crucial for the growth and loyalty of businesses in the hospitality industry. By expanding their customer base, fostering guest retention, and creating an inclusive environment, businesses can thrive in the digital age. Utilizing a digital guest experience tool like DigitalGuest, hotels can establish a strong rapport with The Silent Traveller, ensuring an unforgettable experience throughout their journey. Embracing technology and adapting to the preferences of these travellers, businesses can confidently embrace the future of hospitality.

If you are ready to cater to your tech-savvy guests, then book a demo with us and we will help you make that happen!

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